Gift ideas for tech lovers this Christmas 2016

A guide for those looking to purchase some serious tech for themselves or others this Christmas...

Nintendo Classic Mini

The Nintendo Classic Mini is a miniaturised version of the ground-breaking Nintendo Entertainment System originally released in 1986. There’s an extensive collection of 30 games available on the new microconsole that includes classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Kirby’s Adventure and Final Fantasy. The NES plugs into your TV though the modern HDMI output, extra controllers cost £8.99 and will need to be purchased by those looking to play two player. Retro gaming is making a comeback, and with this easy to set up bundle the nostalgia will be potent on Christmas day this year. Plug yourself back into the 80’s for an average price of £49.99 during the Christmas sales.



Amazon Echo Dot

This voice controlled hands-free robot will allow users to play music, control lights, thermostats and just about anything connected to the wi-fi in your home. The smaller version of the original Amazon Echo, the Dot sits at just 1.3 inches tall allowing users to neatly hide it in plain sight. Ninety percent of the interactions between you and the Dot will be voice-based, the tech from the future is here and personal assistants will aid you in answering questions and providing a centralised control system for your home. Smartphone integration with the Alexsa application allows users to control it all from the palm of their hand. For any of the techno-paranoid out there you can stop the device listening into conversations with a simple ‘Microphone off’ voice command, in case you wanted some privacy.

Personal assistants are becoming more and more popular as people expect action on demand within their homes. The Echo Dot can be purchased from electronic outlets at an average price of £49.99.

Goolge Daydream View: Virtual reality headset

VR has had a great deal of attention in 2016 as big companies battle it out to take control of a very intriguing market. Google’s slick Daydream View has received high praise for it’s comfortable headset and affordable price at just £69.99.  VR is still in its early stages of development and the marketplace isn’t booming with content just yet, but the headset allows users to experience 360 degree games, videos and panoramic photographs in beautiful high definition. The headset comes with a tiny remote that acts as a wand that interacts with the surroundings providing an easy to navigate, fully immersive experience. The new Pixel smartphone is the first integrated with the Daydream and many more android models are poised for compatibility come the new year.


The Syma X5C Explorers

Affordable drones are selling like hotcakes at the minute. The less advanced group labelled quad-copters are an affordable alternative that come in all shapes and sizes and provide fun both indoors and out. The Syma X5C is a quad-copter that comes with a 720p HD camera as well as storage in the form of a 4GB microSD, a perfect bundle for any drone-flying beginner. For £29.99  you can’t expect the most powerful drone experience, but the hardware is durable in comparison to other models of similar stature and is easy to fly. The flight time for this model stands at just over 5 minutes but by following an online tutorial and connecting an additional battery, the flight time can be increased to over ten minutes.



Apple Watch Series 2

Apple’s second attempt at the smartwatch is much more refined and has taken influence from the success of fitness tracking devices in recent times. This is shown with the focus on water resistance (50M) and a wide range of fitness applications. The smartwatch no longer needs to be in range of the iPhone to function while running, providing an overall lighter experience during exercise.  Battery life has also been improved allowing up to 3 days moderate usage without the need for a charge. The sleek square design has little distinction from the original (not the first-time Apple have resisted the temptation to change hardware design) and models start from £269, increasing with more elaborate designs.


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