Review: Aukey 20000 mah PowerBank

A powerbank with the extra power required to keep devices charged over long stretches...

Powerbanks are fast becoming an essential device that allow people to take their existing electronics out and about without having to worry about losing charge. Aukey’s 20,000 mAh powerbank represents the more powerful breed that are gradually making the lesser powered devices redundant.

One thing to note is the weight to mAh ratio with any powerbank. If you are someone who requires large amounts of additional charging power, either for extra devices or sustainable battery life over long periods of time, then you can expect a much weightier product.

That theory is reinforced with Aukey’s 20,000 mah powerbank. Not only is the device heavier, it is also much bigger in size than a generic 10,000 mah device (Askborgs ChargeCube for example). What you gain in power, you lose in portability it seems.

For this particular device carrying it around in your pocket is feasible, given the pocket is large enough, but the weight and size become a burden and don’t allow for a light and comfortable walking experience. In the backpack is where this powerbank belongs, where the weight becomes much less noticeable.

The unit might be bulky but this is made up for by its simplistic and stylish design approach. The power button sits on top of the surface and lights up a glowing emerald green when charging a device. The device has two USB outputs allowing for two devices to be charged simultaneously, which is a bonus feature on any powerbank . The device can be charged through two different inputs, the universal micro UBS as well as Apple’s lighting cable, and also features an LED torch.

The unit was an excellent addition to a recent trip to the Lake District where I was out for a large portion of the day carrying multiple devices. For that type of scenario this powerbank is perfect, and would most likely last a trip for a long weekend.

The dual charging ports are a welcome feature that other powerbanks have started integrating with newer models. Not only does it help those with a 21st century mindset of taking their whole electronic arsenal out with them, it may also help settle some heated family disputes as to whose device needs charging the most. Overall an extremely powerful and very well designed product from Aukey.


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