Review: TaoTronics TT-SK11 Wireless Speaker

Its sleek space saving design helps make this a solid choice for anyone looking to get their first wireless speaker on a limited budget.

Upon initial inspection of the device, its build quality is clearly of a high standard. The 360 degree speaker feels durable and its cylindrical style gives the impression it could take quite a battering. Those looking to pack into a bag and take on holiday will appreciate its light weight, but safe in the knowledge that any knocks or drops will be sufficiently absorbed. The overall design is simple with its tall form reducing the amount of surface space required meaning it can be perched in the most limited of areas.

Control buttons run down a strip from top to bottom including power on/off, bluetooth pairing/play and pause, and track skip buttons – which are very handy negating the need to be close to the device it’s connected to when selecting the next track. It also includes a built-in microphone, allowing you to use personal assistants or take calls on smart phones or PCs and Macs. The volume control wheel is also conveniently placed on top allowing for quick and easy access when you need to blast that one song loud or need to lower when the neighbours complain.

Sound quality is satisfactory. For its reasonable price of £49.99 you shouldn’t be expecting a Sonos or Bose level of audio, but it performs well under a variety of sounds and produces a clear crisp bass throughout. Its 360 degree speaker is fantastic at broadcasting music throughout the room ensuring every corner is covered. My only issue is with the volume control. Instead of fading down to complete silence the volume cuts out before reaching that point, meaning you then have to raise the volume to get it to come back on. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the lowest volume you can select is still pretty loud meaning to get any lower you need to refer to the connected device.

Pairing with a device is a process that, if you’re experienced with Bluetooth products, is straightforward and will not require the manual, but for those new to the wireless world the instructions are clear and concise and it shouldn’t be long before you’re listening to your favourite tunes. Non-Bluetooth devices can also be connected via the included AUX cable. Battery-life will last you a good 15 hours, and with the average listening session being between 2-3 hours it means you won’t be needing to recharge using the included USB cable very often.

Overall the Taotronics TT-SK11 wireless speaker is a great buy, particularly for its price. I did have a couple of instances where the volume increased by itself, which is rather irritating when you have it set at a comfortable level, but whether that’s a rare fault remains to be seen. Its sleek space saving design helps makes this a solid choice for anyone looking to get their first wireless speaker on a limited budget.

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