Best Dash Cams for 2017

An overview of the 7 best dash cams for 2017 you should check out if you're a car owner.

For motorists and travelers, dash cams have shifted from being “just another car accessory” to a necessity. With the growing number of benefits of having a dash cam, the demand to have one has risen. And when there is a huge demand, the supply will follow. To help you choose in replacing the dash cam you have right now, or to assist you in deciding what dash cam you should use, here is our dash cam list for 2017.

ProofCam RAC 05

It’s straightforward and packed with features. These are the first impressions for the ProofCam RAC 05. This camera’s not only used for recording your trip, but it can also be used as an early warning device for a collision. Useful for road trips and long adventures!

YI Smart Dash Cam

With a sleek and stylish design, the YI Smart Dash Cam is considered by many as the one on top of the food chain when it comes to features in relation to the cost. One feature that probably stands out is the “Emergency Recording.” It’s when the YI Smart Dash Camera automatically records once you suddenly step on the breaks or once it detects that you’re in a collision. This is helpful for documentation and investigation purposes.

YI dash camera

Goluk T3 Dash Cam

A compact dash cam, with built-in sensors with magnificent low-light capabilities, the Goluk T3 Dashcam is considered by many as one of the best mid-range dash cams on the market today.  It also comes with an 18-month warranty, letting consumers know that the Goluk T3 has them covered.

Encore ENDVR-S1 HD DVR Camera with GPS Tracking

Another mid-range dash cam in the market that has a high rating. It features full HD video to allow you to capture those precious moments, the view of the mountains or the green countryside. To compensate for the data that it will surely eat up, the Encore ENDVR-S1 HD dash cam also supports microSD capabilities. So storage won’t be an issue.

Sachael Dashcam With Night Vision and G-Sensor

Excellent for night trips, the Sachael dash cam comes with night vision and G-sensor. It may not be a big name, but it surely gets the job done. With this cam at the helm of your dash, you’ll be able to see far better during the night during your adventures!

Garmin Dash Cam 20

It’s easy to use as its interface has been designed to be user-friendly.  The video recording is impressive as well as it features 1080p video recording. What really made this dash cam popular for some users is that it has a 2.3-inch touchscreen that’s highly responsive.

Black Vue DR-650GW-32GB 2-Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras

If you’re wondering if there’s a dash cam that’s also capable of viewing not only the front but also the back end of your car, wonder no more. The Black Vue DR-650GW-32GB 2-Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras has this feature. The drawback is it’s way too expensive compared to other dash cams in the market. Another cool thing about this gadget is that it can be accessed thru your mobile gadgets via Android or iOs connection.

These are the best dash cams available on the market. Once you balance the features and your budget, it’s guaranteed that you’d have a new dash cam that will accompany you in your travels in 2017!

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