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Rockstar Games will reward loyal fans that will buy GTA V for next-gen consoles, having already purchased the title for last-gen consoles.

All those players who purchased Rockstar’s record-breaking action-adventure title will be rewarded if they buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One edition, including exclusive items, activities and rewards.

The rewards include: new events and rewards like the unlockable Duke O’Death vehicle and the Dodo seaplane, new weapons like the Rail Gun and Hatchet Gun, new challenges, new vehicles such as Stock Cars, Monster Truck and a faster blimp.

New races are also included along with the ‘Monkey Mosaics’ side mission – where a mysterious street artist is tagging walls all across town with his simian-inspired silhouettes. Players must track down all the tags and photograph all of them to unlock new monkey outfits and a Go Go Monkey Blista.

An exclusive new ‘Murder Mystery’ mission will be available as well, which sees players follow a trail of cryptic clues to unravel a grisly murder mystery.

Rockstar also announced that anyone who pre-orders GTA V on PS4 or Xbox One will receive a bonus of $1 million GTA money, with 500k for Story Mode and 500k for GTA Online.

GTA V will launch for next-gen consoles on November 18th whilst a PC edition will launch on January 27th.

Announced during E3 in June, it will feature a new level of detail including draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions.

All content released since the game’s release last year will be included and players will be able to transfer over their GTA Online characters to their choice of PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Radio stations will also be updated and a video editor will be included in the PC edition.