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The Last Guardian trademark abandoned by Sony

In recent documents filed on the US Trademark Office's website, Sony appear to have abandoned the trademark for The Last Guardian.

The trademark for The Last Guardian has been abandoned, seemingly suggesting that Sony may have cancelled the game.

A filing on the US Trademark Office’s website (first spotted by NeoGAF) appears to show that the trademark for the fantasy-adventure game’s trademark has been abandoned as of February 16th.

The abandonment means that Sony failed to file an extension request for the trademark.

The Last Guardian has had a trouble development since being originally announced in 2009, experiencing several delays and facing numerous reports that the game has been cancelled.

Just last year, it was reported by IGN that the game had been cancelled; citing a source that claimed it was cancelled following an internal Sony meeting.

Sony later firmly denied the report and IGN removed the article and issued an apology.

Later, Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide, assured fans that the game wasn’t cancelled and the [development] team was still working on it.

“I will say this: when we cancel a title and it is something we have announced already, we’ll say so,” he firmly clarified.

Developed by Team ICO as a PS3 exclusive, The Last Guardian follows a young boy and Trico, a giant creature, who work together to evade the pursuing guards trying to catch them both.

We’ve reached out to Sony to make an official comment – so far no word back.

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