Twelve Movies for '12

We look at what 2012 has in store...

2012 is going to be a BIG year for films. A caped crusader returns to the streets of Gotham whilst a certain ring is discovered in Middle Earth. We look at twelve of 2012’s hottest films (in no particular order)…


Christopher Nolan has the Midas touch. Wowing audiences with Inception back in 2010, he was the man who reinvented Batman with Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Helping Batman regain his cool (whatever people say, George Clooney’s nippled batsuit was not right), Nolan proved his worth in 2009’s The Dark Knight. Although Heath Ledger’s Joker will be absent here, the last in his trilogy will by no means lack a villain. Tom Hardy, arguably the man of the moment, steps into the shoes of Bane, a hulk of a nemesis intent on the downfall of Batman. Summer can’t come soon enough.
Excitement level: Off the scale.


There was confusion regarding who would sit in the director’s chair but, after Guillermo Del Toro stepped down, Peter Jackson, the man behind the phenomenal success of The Lord of the Rings, is back. Providing fans with regular video blogs, Jackson is clearly enjoying being in the thick of it again. Expect familiar faces to appear amongst some refreshing new ones; Ian McKellan returns as the wise wizard Gandalf whilst Bilbo will be played by the capable Martin Freeman.
Excitement level: 10/10

THE AVENGERS (27th April)

In 2011 we were treated to not one but three Marvel blockbusters. X-Men went back to their roots in First Class while we were introduced to both Thor and Captain America. What could top that we hear you ask? A movie that features the very coolest superheroes, of course! Directed by Joss Whedon, The Avengers teams Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk together in what promises to be a blockbuster to threaten all others.
Excitement level: 9/10


Spider-man swings to cinema screens in July. Yes, you read that right. Although Sony Pictures have already adapted Spider-man to the big screen (remember Toby Maguire as the web slinger?), that was way back in 2002. Enter man of the moment #2 Andrew Garfield (if you don’t recognise him head on over to our magazine to learn more about him!), a cool new costume (trust us, the colours are the same but it’s very different), Rhys Ifans and a different stance and you may just have yourselves an even cooler Spider-man movie…
Excitement level: 8/10


When news came of a Snow White movie we got excited. When news came of two Snow Whites movies we got confused. So let us diffuse any confusion…

Glad we could clear that up.
Excitement level: 5/10 and 8/10

Hunger Games poster


Suzanne Collins’s best selling novel comes to life spring 2012 with the help of Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence stars as protagonist Katniss, a teen called to fight in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death against 23 other teens. Battle Royale in nature, the images and trailers trickling through are promising a film that lives up to the bleak high octane unreality of the books. Read our book review here!
Excitement level: 6/10

SKYFALL (26th October)

Bond is back and, if reports are to be believed, Daniel Craig’s Bond could be back almost indefinitely having been in talks to sign a deal for a further five Bond films. The thought of the franchise being threatened by bankruptcy seems a long forgotten nightmare. With Sam Mendes at the helm and Javier Bardem as the villain of the piece Skyfall promises to pack a punch. As well as some Martinis and a load of fast cars.
Excitement level: 7/10

MEN IN BLACK 3 (25th May)

It may be ten years since we saw them but the Men in Black still feel fresh. Following Will Smith’s Agent J as he travels back in time, the much re-scripted movie boasts a fresh-faced agent K (played by the excellent Josh Brolin) as well as the usual comedic alien mishaps its predecessors provided.
Excitement level: 6/10


Can it really be thirteen years since the first slice of American Pie? According to sources it is. Thankfully the gang are back and promise to be up to their old tricks in American Pie: Reunion. Expect the usual from all the returning stars – could American Pie: Reunion teach movie comedies a thing or two again?
Excitement level: 6/10


Ridley Scott! Alien! Michael Fassbender! Charlize Theron! Not convinced? Watch the bloody trailer!

Excitement level: 8/10

BRAVE (17th August)

Pixar ditch the toys of Toy Story and let the Cars of, well, Cars, rust and instead bring us Scottish fairytale Brace. A film about dentistry and all its wonders. Well no, it doesn’t, but our typo could make for interesting future fodder if they ever want to expand on the subplot in Finding Nemo. Anyway Brave features the dulcet tones of both Kelly McDonald (her out of Boardwalk Empire and Trainspotting) and Kevin McKidd (him out of Dog Soldiers and Trainspotting), making for what promises to be magical entertainment.
Excitement level: 5/10

WARM BODIES (24th August)

Nicholas Hoult has grown a lot since we first saw him in About A Boy about a hundred years ago (which, coincidentally, is a great name for a sequel. Or a prequel). He got beastly for X-Men: First Class, got angsty for Skins and is set to go head to head with giants in Jack the Giant Killer. Here, however, he goes all zombie on us in the adaptation of Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies (read our review here). Playing R, the role will see Hoult fall in love with a very human girl after removing the brains from her boyfriend’s head. Awkward.
Excitement level: 7/10


The Muppets, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists, Bourne Legacy, Dredd, Total Recall, The Expendables 2, The Raven, The Sweeney, Gangster Squad, Looper, Titanic 3D, Street Dance 2, The Five-Year Engagement, Dark Shadows, Battleship, The Three Stooges, Jack the Giant Killer, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Rock of Ages, Hanzel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

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