Video: 5 Male Actors We Hope Make a Comeback

These actors aren't really gone forever - are they?

Sometimes when an actor gives up the movie biz, it feels too soon. Here are five actors we would want to see again, even though they have tried to stay away from the big screen.

1. Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman‘s career went through some epic highs, winning academy awards for Best Actor in The French Connection (1971) and Best Supporting Actor in Unforgiven (1992). But there were also some notable lows – particularly his last film, Welcome to Mooseport (2004), which was a tragic end to a lucrative career…a bit like watching your favourite pub burn down.

After this clanger, it is no wonder Hackman decided to awkwardly side-shuffle away. Despite publicly announcing his retirement, he did suggest in a GQ interview that he would perhaps do a film “if I could do it in my own house, maybe, without them disturbing anything and just one or two people.” Love your style, Gene – we’re outside with the camera, let’s make this happen.

2. Sean Connery

You rarely find an actor as distinctive as Sean Connery. He achieved great things in his long career, winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Untouchables (1987), polled as ‘The Greatest Living Scot’ and last, but by no means least, voted ‘Sexiest Man of the Century’ by People Magazine at the somewhat suitable age of 69.

After deservedly winning the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Connery decided he’d done his duty and retired. His last film, The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen (2003) was pretty underwhelming and attempts to coax him out of retirement have failed. However, with strong rumours of Indiana Jones 5 arriving in 2019 and Daniel Craig seemingly wanting to step down from the Bond role, we would love to see Connery returning to one of his old franchises.

3. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin’s fall from grace is sadly almost as prominent as his child-acting career. Announcing his retirement at the tender age of 14, Macaulay gave us some legendary performances in family favourites such as Home Alone (1990) and it’s sequel and My Girl (1991). With some serious personal issues to focus on, including the divorce of his parents who the child-star claims were fighting over his fortune, it is no wonder teenage Macaulay couldn’t juggle familial drama, law suits, hormones and an acting career.

Since his retirement, rumours of drug abuse and an arrest for possession in 2004 solidified the public opinion that Culkin had followed the downhill route of many child stars who have lost their fame.  However, now Culkin has purportedly cleaned himself up a bit, we think it is about time we got to see what grown-up Macaulay can do. Perhaps with a change of scene however, as shacking up in a house to set booby traps for thieves might seem a bit more sadistic now he is 35…

4. Joe Pesci

Moving neatly on from Home Alone, Joe Pesci played some great hard men other than the bumbling burglar in the Christmas classic. Notably, Pesci put forward some brilliant performances in some outstanding Scorsese films like Raging Bull (1980), Goodfellas (1990) and Casino (1995). Winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the latter film, Pesci has earned his stripes in the acting discipline.

But eight years later, he was nominated for The Golden Raspberry for Worst Supporting Actor for his role in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998). The following year, Pesci announced his retirement from acting and has returned only on seldom occasions – usually to work with his prolific ex-co-star Robert De Niro. Rather than going out on a low, we think Pesci needs to return to the screen to play at least one more bat-shit crazy, volatile gangster.

5. Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis was a prolific face in family comedies through the mid-eighties and nineties. Indeed, films like Ghostbusters (1984), Little Shop of Horrors (1986), Spaceballs (1987) and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) defined the childhoods of many now twenty and thirty-something’s.

Moranis called an unexpected acting hiatus when the death of his wife left him a single-father, deciding he needed to focus on being the best possible parent to their two children – just got something in my eye… The only member of the original Ghostbusters cast to turn down a cameo role in the new reboot, Moranis seems keen to stay off the big screen. Nowadays he seems to be focusing his energies on voiceover work and quirky comedy music albums alongside being an epic dad. However, we think Rick needs to return to our screens. After all, what films are we meant to show our kids?

There we have it, five male actors we sorely miss. Is there anyone you felt was taken from our screens too soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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