Top 10 80’s Movie Monsters

Back when monsters were made from real flesh and blood! We countdown our top 10 movie monsters from the 1980s

Despite all of the motion-capturing and CGI effects of the 2000’s and 2010’s, the 1980’s (arguably) gave us some of the best special effects of cinema history. Don’t believe us? Check out our run down of the decade’s best monsters – they’re not only testament to the great effects but also of the incredible story telling of 80’s films.

10. Sloth – The Goonies

Okay, he’s not the scariest of monsters. In fact he’s quite loveable if you ask us. Nevertheless, Sloth isn’t quite human and in the eyes of many a child who’s watched The Goonies his wailing and general appearance is pretty scary.

Monster rating: 3/10

9. The Terminator – The Terminator

From one extreme to another – Arnie’s Terminator offered an unrelenting baddie who went on to be one of the most memorable robots in cinema history. Although he only serves 18 lines in the film his determination to kill Sarah Conner makes him a pretty daunting nemesis. Mix that with his inability to feel pain and you’ve got a nigh-indestructable monster on your hands. Eep!

Monster rating: 8/10

8. Predator – Predator

Arnie faces monsters of his own in Predator. Although technically an alien, the titular predator, complete with scary tentacled hair and crab-like face, still ranks a place on our monster list. Determined on achieving his kill, he’s as unrelenting as Arnie’s character making the finale interesting viewing.

Monster rating: 7/10

7. The Blob – The Blob

The Blob, although a remake, is a great example of what makes 80’s films classic. Harassed by a growing pile of gloop, the film’s characters must work out a way to overcome the pink blobby pile. Although faceless, it is ever-approaching and difficult to stop – we wouldn’t fancy our chances against this monster!

Monster rating: 5/10

6. Evil offspring – Gremlins

Gremlins is one of our 80’s favourites here on the farm. Not only did it give us Gizmo, the cute Mogwai that we instantly wanted for Christmas (if you’re reading Santa, we’re still waiting), it also gave us the creepy little reincarnations Gizmo created when a young Corey Feldman managed to spill water all over him. Some snacking after midnight later and the destructive critters break out and head into town. Rather un-monsterishly they chose to watch a screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Monster rating: 6/10

5. Werewolf – An American Werewolf in London

Inspiring the Academy Awards to create a category for special effects, An American Werewolf in London bought us one of the scariest werewolfs we’ve seen on screen. Forget silly Jacob Black, this werewolf is a no-holds-barred ball of fury. Although he loses points for falling asleep in a zoo, leaving his human alter-ego David to wander aimlessly through London naked.

Monster rating: 7/10

4. The Thing – The Thing

The Thing, a parasitic alien who can imitate the people it murders, is a truly terrifying monster. With the power to take control of the world it first focuses on a small research station in the Antarctic. Special effects laden scenes ensue making for captivating watching.

Monster rating: 7/10

3. Stay Puft Monster – Ghostbusters

Although Slime is an obvious Ghostbusters candidate for our best monsters compilation, the Stay Puft monster poses a much bigger threat. Slime may be pretty pesky but the Stay Puft monster is not only monstrous in size it made us fear marshmallows! Evil, pure evil.

Monster rating: 6/10

2. Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Any blade-fingered villain who creeps into our dreams with the intention of killing us is instantly in our bad books. With his horrifying looks and scary hobby, Freddy is a true monster that nightmares are made of! Thousands still hold his killing of a young Johnny Depp against him, too.

Monster rating: 9/10

1. Brundle Fly – The Fly

Things go from bad to worse for Jeff Golblum in The Fly. Having produced the world’s first teleportation machine, Goldblum’s Brundle hurriedly tests his invention to disastrous effect. Thanks to a fly choosing to join him in his enthusiasm he begins to suffer a terrible mutation as the fly’s molecular DNA combines with his own. Although perks include super-human strength (heck, he breaks a guy’s arm in an arm wrestle), cons include tooth-loss and a general grotesque appearance. He may have to put up with his hideous appearance but it is his girlfriend who’s left, quite literally, holding the (mutated) baby.

Monster rating: 10/10 for sheer yuckiness.

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