Top 10 Nicolas Cage Internet Memes

To celebrate the one of the most well known actors in Hollywood, we look at 10 of the best Internet memes for the iconic Nicolas Cage.

Another day, another month, another year, another dose of that crazy old Nic Cage. No other man can say over their lifetime that they have swapped faces with John Travolta, administered karate on old people and stared at a break dancing soul but Nicolas “Kim Coppola” Cage can. So to celebrate this actor’s career of misfortune, fortune, craziness and dross, look no further than the internet community. Cage is an icon of the meme and over his career has become a constant face for audience pisstakeary. Here is a meme celebration of the man, the myth, the… the… the bees, no, no, NOT THE BEES!

10. Con Hair


A simple but effective start, here is how to raise a smile. Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe relishing the slight breeze and slow motion, with the thunderous Con Air soundtrack in the background. What is he thinking? “Ah freedom”, “feel that lovely breeze” or “I sure have nice hair, despite what them critics say”.

9. The Sorcerer’s debt


In the grand scale of things few people probably remember Disney’s Live Action 2010 film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In this image we see that Cage evidently feels obligated to refund all those that do!

8. Nicolas Cage as everyone


This series of memes is exactly what it says, tonnes of film stars, celebrities, etc. with Cage’s face morphed into them. Some are scarily feasible others are just damn scary. One of the best? The Nicolas Cage/ET Hybrid, who actually looks intoxicated.

7. The Cage of the Vampire


One of the oddest memes that got newspaper attention is a civil war photo of a fella that looked the spit of Nic Cage. The picture ended up on eBay. Perhaps it is Cage and perhaps he met Abraham Lincoln and battled him? Then again, perhaps not.

 6. Nicolas Cage What I Do


The ‘What I Do’ meme is quite a popular one but Cage’s is particularly entertaining, although it is sad to have so many memes claiming Cage is a crap actor. Films like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and Raising Arizona, amongst others, certainly suggest otherwise.

5. Cakge

Another popular strand of meme making sees the cake scene from The Family Man become the source of parody. The most infamous being the YouTube video made by Harry Partridge, since that point Cake craving has been another defining element of the Cage mind.

4. Why’d it get burned?


Ah The Wicker Man (2006). a remake so awful that many see it as a pitch perfect comedy as opposed to a horror. There are so many ridiculous lines of dialogue and scenes to choose from. In fact in the world of meme-making The Wicker Man is a rather popular but one of the best is this fun poking at Cage’s now infamous “Why’d it burn” line. Here presented as a burnt inquire-if-interested poster, well, go on then, why’d it burn? WHY’D IT BURN!

3. Bird Barnet


Puts the Old Spice man’s “I’m on a horse” to shame, Cage has had some right odd do’s in films like Next and Bangkok Dangerous and this meme pays tribute to that! Adding your argument is invalid for good measure.

2. Cage destroys everything


Takes the term “he’s got the crazy eyes” to the extreme. As Nicolas Cage goes all monstrous dispatching a city with his glaring laser eyes. Maybe he only wanted a bit of peace and quiet, “well hooray to the sound of fucking silence”! Other similar videos see Cage’s crazy gaze following Mario Kart racers and a Katamari puzzle.

1. You don’t say


Quite literally the most famous Cage-themed meme out there, that sees Cage’s crazy face from Vampire’s Kiss used as a “well duh” device. Well say something obvious and stupid and get a sarcastic response in the form of a mental face. Example: Uwe Boll’s new film gets bad reviews (insert Cage You Don’t say meme here).

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Here are a selection of those that did not make it into our top 10. There are so many this selection could be endless.

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