The Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

We take a look at the most anticipated films of 2013, including Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

2012 was a great year for cinema lovers. Now we’ve been left with a whole boat load of trailers to get us excited for awards season, not to mention a summer of blockbuster hits and sequels to get hyped about. 2012 might have given us The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-man, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Life of Pi but the silver screen offerings in 2013 are looking brighter than ever…

Pacific Rim

UK release date: 12 July 2013

2012 was a big year for sci-fi but 2013 is presenting us with a countless selection of stunning futuristic films to feast our eyes upon. First up is Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim. The film is set to be a Transformers meets H.P Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’ hi-tech romp as humans use giant robots to battle an alien invader. In true Del Toro style, the aesthetics of the movie are amazing as always but, with a high velocity action plot line and some awesome special effects, it could well be in the running as the biggest action hit of the summer.

Evil Dead

UK release date: 19 April 2013

Sam Raimi’s 1981 original is something of a classic and has been replicated to the nth degree in countless teen horror flicks ever since. Yet this souped up, ultra scary 2013 re-make (which sees Raimi at the helm) has caused quite a stir among fans of the first series. With Bruce Campbell himself giving his blessing to the retold tale of friends heading out to that fateful cabin in the woods you can guarantee it will have all the gore and splatter of the first but this time, with more real, bloody and terrifying special effects.

Monsters University

UK release date: 12 July 2013

2012 wasn’t a great year for comedy but hopefully this belated sequel to Disney and Pixar’s Monsters Inc. can get audiences laughing again. Flashback to Mike and Sully living out their college days at the University of Fear; long before their bromance had fully blossomed. Expect a lot of surprise celebrity voices to pop up; Steve Buscemi will be joining John Goodman and Billy Crystal this time around.

The Hobbit; The Desolation of Smaug

UK release date: 13 December 2013

All good things come in threes… Peter Jackson has decided to make the more family friendly Lord of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit in three parts. Whilst the first in Tolkein’s mythical tale sets a young Bilbo Baggins off on an adventure of a lifetime, to reclaim the Dwarven city of Ererbor from Smaug the dragon, the second installment continues the tale of their fate from where the first film left off. More Gandalf, more Dwarves and more orcs are sure to feature. Similar enjoyment will be had as we also get to watch the build-up to the LOTR series that we all know and love.

The Lone Ranger - Johnny Depp
The Lone Ranger

UK release date: 9 August 2013

Continuing Hollywood’s love for remakes, the long awaited reboot of the 1950s TV series The Lone Ranger is released this year, this time with Arnie Hammer as the gun-toting masked hero and Johnny Depp on top form as Tonto. Disney haven’t done badly in making family friendly films (the Pirates of The Caribbean series and Joss Whedon‘s Avengers Assemble being a prime example of good old fashioned modern family entertainment) so this Western classic is predicted to revamp the genre and maybe hail in a new franchise.

Iron Man 3

UK release date: 26 April 2013

In Avengers Assemble, Tony Stark had finally teamed up with Nick Fury and crossed dimensions to fight creatures from another realm. Naturally, Iron Man 3 was always going to have to up its stakes in the action department, if not boost the sardonic Tony Stark’s ego. This time around Stark is faced with the Mandarin, a man set out to destroy Stark’s world as he knows it. And speaking of the Avengers…

Thor: The Dark World

UK release date: 30 October 2013

Thor will be returning from Asgard to battle another evil ancient race from a dark realm. Malekith is highly dissatisfied with the showdown in Avengers Assemble and intends to take down Thor in an epic battle between good and evil. Chris Helmsworth returns alongside Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings with the troublesome Loki (Tom Hiddleston) set to cause mayhem; or perhaps prove to be a useful ally.

After Earth

UK release date: 7 June 2013

After Earth - Jaden Smith

Will Smith and his son Jayden team up for what could be this year’s Avatar – but hopefully with a better script. Many years in the future, humans are now living on foreign worlds and gargantuan space stations in the outer galaxy. That is until a flight crashes leaving a father and son on a planet which was once inhabited by humans; Earth. Unfortunately, Earth has now evolved into a deadly place and the two must battle to save themselves. The trailer (watch it here!) has already proved to be visually stunning but how will the ambitious plot fare?


UK release date: 12 April 2013

More sci-fi, this time from Hollywood’s most controversial celeb; Tom Cruise. With Earth abandoned, Cruise plays a drone repairman who is sent as part of a team to clean up the planet but everything is not all as it seems. With gadgets to rival those of Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus and a celebrity cast including Morgan Freeman and newcomer Andrea Riseborough, we’ll be looking forward to Cruise taking the fate of mankind into his own hands once again.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

UK release date: TBC

Over the years Anchorman has become something of a cult hit, helping redefine the spoof comedy. So when plans for a sequel to continue The Legend Of Ron Burgundy were announced by Burgundy himself, fans began counting down the days. The Channel 4 News Team have been scheduled to return to US cinema screens in December though without a full trailer and a plot summary we can only anticipate what hijinks Will Ferrell and co. have in store for the people of San Diego.

The World’s End

UK release date: 14 August 2013

After the poor reception of 2011’s Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are returning to what they do best; amped up drama in a comedy low-key setting. Collaborating once again with Edgar Wright, The World’s End has been described as the third installment in “The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy”, following Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Naturally the film takes place in a post-apocalyptical setting where humankind’s survival relies on an epic pub crawl left unfinished for 20 years.

Man Of Steel

UK release date: 14 June 2013

Our favourite hero is rebooted once again and Man Of Steel is shaping up to be the

Man of Steel 2013

Superman movie we’ve all been waiting for. Starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Amy Adams as love interest Lois Lane we see our young celestial hero grow up in Kansas before taking on fighting evil with his powers of laser vision, super strength and flying around in tights and a cape. With both Spider-man and Batman getting the gritty, modern revamp treatment it seems only fair that Zack Snyder did Kal-El some justice and rescued us from some of the horrible preceding installments of the past two decades with a film that was worthy of its subject matter.

The Hunger Games; Catching Fire

UK release date: 22 November 2013

Another sequel on the list and it’s the second part of the Hunger Games story we have to look forward to in November. Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen having won the Hunger Games alongside Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) in the first ever double-win that their dystopian world has ever seen. Their twinned victory has subsequently inspired rebellion in each district which alarms President Snow. Katniss must prepare for the Quarter Quell, a more brutal form of the Games and must once again show her strength in the face of oppression.


UK release date: 20 September 2013

More space action, this time with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in the Bladerunner-influenced Elysium; directed by District 9‘s Neil Blomkamp. Elysium sees a class divide in 2159 with the rich living in a luxury space station which excludes the poor who are exiled to live in a ruined and polluted Earth.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

UK release date: 17 May 2013

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS CUMBERBATCHCaptain Kirk and his crew; including Dr. Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty and Chekov, are once again exploring the furthest corners of space in the Starship Enterprise. However, things take a dark turn when they discover a terrible force, leading the crew on a mission to capture a very dangerous piece of cargo. Fans have already been speculating like crazy that the evil Khan is to make his appearance in the form of Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, yet director J.J Abrams – as always- has given nothing away.

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