Family Movie Selection Box 2012

With Christmas fast approaching we provide our family movie selection box, a guide that helps you decide what movies to buy your family this Christmas...

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Try our family movie selection box for size as we give you a handy guide that will help you decide what movies to buy this Christmas…


Every dad we know loves a bit of action, so The Bourne Legacy could be the perfect present for dad this Christmas! The Bourne franchise continues with Jeremy Renner taking the reins from Matt Damon as the franchise’s protagonist. If your dad is more into old school action then how about buying him the explosive The Expendables 2, a film that includes the likes of Arnie, Stallone and Willis?


We all know mums are romantics at heart so why not treat her to The Lucky One? Though it was released in August, there’s a chance the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘ romance starring Zac Efron has passed under her radar. If she isn’t into smooshy love stories then why not get her Rock of Ages? An adaptation of the hugely successful musical, it’ll have her singing along to forgotten 80s favourites.


Boys are notoriously difficult to buy for but, instead of playing safe and buying your brother a pair of socks, treat him to Seth MacFarlane‘s comedy Ted. Telling the story of a walking, talking alcoholic womanising teddy bear, this isn’t your average toy story! Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis co-star.


What do you get girls that tend to have everything? A copy of Magic Mike may just be the answer! Channing Tatum stars as a stripper who teaches Alex Pettyfer the ways of the craft in Steven Soderbergh‘s movie.


Most boys will admit that they love the super-hero genre… if your boyfriend is in this category then you’re in luck! Though he probably already owns Avengers Assemble which was released on DVD earlier this year, there’s a chance that he hasn’t got his hands on Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises yet – it was released 3rd December. Whenever he picks it up in the supermarket be sure to distract him! Failing Bats, this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man is also available from 26th November.


Novel adaptations are huge right now – though the Twilight franchise may be coming to a close there’s a new craze building around Suzanne Collins‘s Hunger Games series. Luckily the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games is currently available on DVD and could prove to be the perfect gift for your girlfriend this Christmas! If she’s into Twilight why not treat her and buy her Snow White and the Huntsman too? It stars Twilight star Kristen Stewart.


Kids love anything bright and fun – adults tend to like anything that holds their attention for more than five minutes… why not unite the two and treat any little ones you know to Disney Pixar’s Brave, a film about an unusual princess. With vocals being provided by the likes of Kelly Macdonald and Billy Connelly it’s sure to be a hit with the youngsters! If princesses aren’t their thing there’s also Ice Age 4. Released 10th December, the film arrives just in time for Christmas stockings!

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