Top 5 anti-Christmas Santa scenes

We take a look at the top 5 anti-Christmas Santa scenes...

The traditional top Christmas film moments can be seen by some as cheesy, nauseating and done more times than the adaptation of A Christmas Carol. So, throwing away the spirit of goodwill, we look at the top anti-Christmas Santa scenes, which show the figure of kindness in a totally different light. Safe to say, It’s A Wonderful Life will not be on this list.

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    Jingle all the Way (1996): Violent Santa

    Overall a horrible film, yet Jingle all the Way has now developed into a sort of classic guilty pleasure Arnie film. Probably one of the only decent scenes has to be when a 7ft Santa squares off against the Austrian Oak’s desperate father character, Howard Langston, willing to stop at nothing to get the most wanted Christmas toy. It ends with an almighty punch to an annoying little elf, displaying cruelty of the funniest kind.

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    Trading Places (1983): Drunken Santa

    Although Trading Places is best remembered for Jamie Lee Curtis and her two Christmas gifts, Dan Ackroyd gives one of his finest performances as Louis Winthorpe III – particularly when he was drunk and dressed as Santa. Chewing on part of his beard, getting peed on by a stray dog in the rain, and not even being able to kill himself, being highlights of this memorable scene.

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    Bad Santa (2003): Horny Santa

    Another down on his luck Saint Nick, and this time in the anti-Christmas film of the highest order, the brilliant Bad Santa. Billy Bob Thornton is on fine form, and in one great scene (out of many) is when he quickly gets it on with a barmaid. What follows is something you never thought you’d see the jolly red man doing, or being told to do over and over again: “F*** me Santa”.

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    Elf (2003): Lying Santa

    If seeing Will Ferrell dressed - and being – an Elf wasn’t enough, in one scene he takes on a Santa that obviously doesn’t take too kindly to being told he sits on a “throne of lies”. Or smelling like beef and cheese. Either way, watching him being taken down by a big black guy surrounded by screaming kids is something that everyone can laugh at, no matter how against the spirit of season it is.

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    Die Hard (1988): Dead Santa

    In an iconic scene from an iconic action film, John McClane creates his own Santa from a sticky situation in the form of a dead, German terrorist. He may have looked like a real-life Thunderbird puppet with glasses and a Santa hat, but having “Now I have a machine gun ho ho ho” scrawled in the terrorist’s own blood must be the epitome of anti-Christmas.

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