Top 10 Marvel characters not in a film – 2012 edition

We take a look at the top 10 Marvel characters who haven't been in a movie and who we think could bring them to life

We look at the Marvel characters who haven’t been in a movie yet in our top 10 Marvel superheroes that should be next in line for the big screen treatment and who should play them…

  1. 10

    Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

    He may have a similar name to Iron Man, he may not be as rich as Iron Man but Iron Man can’t kick ass like Iron Fist. Using mystical techniques to control his chi and give himself a superhuman “iron fist” Danny Rand as Iron Fist would make a martial arts film unlike any other seen. An Iron Fist movie was in the pipelines at one point with Ray Park attached to play the titular role and we would like him to grace our screens as Danny Rand.

  2. 9

    Namor (Submariner)

    A movie about the hot headed king of Atlantis would not only be epic but have a great ecological message. Stop polluting the oceans or he will kick your ass! Unlike other certain aquatic superheroes (Aquaman) he isn’t all about talking to fish but instead focuses on getting stuff done. A bit of a curve ball for some fans but we feel Ian Somerhalder could pull off the role of Submariner.

  3. 8

    Luke Cage

    A former gang member and convict, Luke Cage is a fella from the wrong side of the tracks. Or he would be if a sadistic prison guard hadn’t tried to kill him and instead given him superhuman strength and durability. Throw in a bit of vengeance and how he started to become a hero and you could have an origins movie that would really stand out. Although many would argue Wesley Snipes would make a great Cage we would throw Kevin Grevioux’s name into the hat for the role.

  4. 7


    A time travelling mercenary that’s fought against and with pretty much every Marvel character going. A movie where Cable comes from his war torn future would be a bit like The Terminator but with a lot more story and adventure. It would be easy to have Arnie play the role of Cable but for us we would like to see Jeffery Dean Morgan give it a bash.

  5. 6

    Jessica Jones (Alias)

    Luke Cage’s wife, but she could easily have her own very interesting stand alone movie as she is a private investigator in the Marvel universe. It already sounds ridiculously good! Oh and she can fly and has super human strength! Move over Magnum P.I., there’s a new private investigator in town and she will toss you through a window. There really only is one obvious choice for who should play Jessica and that is Jessica Biel.

  6. 5

    Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

    She isn’t your typical blonde bombshell, after being caught in an alien explosion she gains superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, the ability to fly – oh, and she can shoot glowing energy out of her hands. In a male superhero dominant world she would definitely kick some ass for the superhero females. Who would we like to see play Ms. Marvel? Why, Charlize Theron, that’s who… Or maybe Hayden Panettiere?

  7. 4

    Union Jack (Joey Chapman)

    The UK’s premier superhero, Joey Chapman is a hero for the British people. He stands up for everyone. He may get the crap kicked out of him but stab him, break his ribs or electrocute him, he will still muster the strength needed to get the job done. Base a movie on the London Falling story arc and introduce the world to Union Jack! A tough one for us to think of casting but our vote goes to Jim Sturgess. Not the most obvious choice but everyone needs a break.

  8. 3

    Black Panther (T’Challa)

    As leader of the fictional African nation Wakanada it is up to Black Panther to keep his people and their reserves of Vibranium safe, even when super villain Klaw comes knocking with his robotic hand. He spent some time as an Avenger after growing suspicious of them so a possible tie in could work. This said, having a story revolve around Black Panther’s origins and Klaw could be a good move. Jamie Foxx would be our choice to bring the character to life.

  9. 2


    Runaways proves that some family secrets are a bit more extreme than others. After witnessing their folks killing a young girl in a strange ritual for a large organisation called the Pride a small band of teens go on the run. Soon they start to discover their own powers and are forced to fight their parents. A coming of age story with more than a twist. It could have a great cast of new emerging talent… so new in fact that it would be impossible for us to say! It could even be the new Twilight or Harry Potter. Keep your eyes peeled for a franchise like never before!

  10. 1

    Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

    Let’s just ignore the whole appearance in Wolverine: Origins. Wade Wilson was good in it but Deadpool, well, he just wasn’t Deadpool. That is why everyone’s rude, crude and out of control merc with a mouth needs his own movie, to set the record straight and give the fans what they want. Not only is he insane, but he is an interesting character. After gaining his healing powers through a government experiment under the guise of Weapon X they deemed him as a failure. He proved them wrong and went on to be one of the most popular comic book anti-heroes. Ryan Reynolds has been tipped to reprise the role of Wade and that is a great choice! He has our support!

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