Game News

Mon 15 Jun, 2015 @ 19:45 GMT

More details regarding the upcoming reboot of the Doom series have been revealed by Bethesda during E3.

Developed by ID Software, Doom follows a lone Marine who must kill all the fierce and powerful demons which have taken over the Union Aerospace Corporation’s research facility.

It will feature fast-paced combat against multiple enemies, classic Doom weapons, including the fan-favorite double-barrel shotgun return, and is powered by IdTech6.

Also included is an alternate fire mode for the combat shotgun, close range executions, jetpacks for Revenants, teleporting enemies, cutscene death scenes and old school mechanics – no reloading clips, numerous weapons, health and ammo pick-ups and no generating health.

Multiplayer will see players able to play both classic and all-new game modes in fast-paced arena-style combat and also the new Doom SnapMap will allow create and edit maps, gameplay and game modes.

Some screenshots were also released, as shown below, as well as a trailer, shown above.

It’s scheduled to be released in Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.