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Lindsay Lohan is officially suing the creators of Grand Theft Auto V, according to The Associated Press.

Documents filed in a Manhattan court today revealed that the troubled fame star is suing Rockstar Games for allegedly using her image, voice and styles from her clothing line for a character called Lacey Jonas.

She also points out that the game features a parody of the Chateau Marmont Hotel, where she once lived.

Players meet Lacey Jonas in a random side mission where they must escort her back to her home whilst evading the pursuing paparazzi.

The lawsuit was first rumoured in December last year when TMZ first reported that Lohan was in the early stages of suing Rockstar. Until now, no official lawsuit had been filed.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar previously but our emails went unanswered.

This isn’t the first time Rockstar’s open world action-adventure title has been involved in legal controversy.

Back in October 2013, rapper Daz Dillinger sent a cease and desist order, accusing the studio of using two of his songs – “C-Walk” and “Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit” – without his permission. He was originally offered an “offensively low” $4,271 for the songs but refused to accept.

He ordered Take-Two Interactive, publishers, to recall and destroy all unsold copies.

And in February this year, the daughter of a 90s mobster filed a $40 million lawsuit accusing Rockstar of using her life story and likeness for an in-game character.

GTA V launched on September 17th last year and became the biggest entertainment launch in history, earning $800 million during its first 24 hours on sale.

2 days later it broke $1 billion in sales, beating major films such as The Avenger’s Assemble and Avatar.

Critically acclaimed worldwide, the BAFTA award winning title also out-sold its predecessor GTA IV, beat The Last of Us as the biggest digital release on PlayStation, broke 7 Guinness World Records, and won numerous Game of the Year awards.

It’s currently sold more than 33 million copies.

A PS4, Xbox One, and PC release was announced in June during E3.