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Stephen King's It Faces a Remake

With the news that Stephen King's It faces a remake we take a look at what we can expect whilst making some casting predictions...

After the news that 1976 classic Carrie is to be remade, starring Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz, it comes as little surprise that other Stephen Classics are being eyed up by Hollywood execs. Stephen King’s It faces a remake, with a release date as yet unconfirmed.

Whilst it hasn’t quite been the 27(ish) years between the monstrous clown’s cycles, it has been 22 years since the truly terrifying clown has graced our screens which, in movie land, is a very long time for a film to go without a remake.

The original 1990 adaptation starred Tim Curry as the titular ‘It’ and was a two-part mini-series. The new adaptation is rumoured to share this split. Whilst some may suggest this to be a marketing ploy it seems like a savvy move – especially seeing as the source text is well over 1,300 pages long.

Set in Derry, Maine, It tells the story of a town afflicted with the presence of something more sinister than anyone can even imagine. Preying on innocent minds, this being is the source of many child disappearances, having lured them away from the comfort of their homes. Seven children converge in the summer of 1958 sharing strange tales, tales that describe chance meetings with the mysterious clown. The book travels between the then present day and the past, weaving a story that only comes together when the characters realise the true horror of their reality.

Stephen King‘s works are notorious for the difficulty in adapting them well to screen. Some have fared amazingly well – The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Shining – others are better forgotten. Names attached to the project include director Cary Fukunaga (whose biggest film to date is perhaps Jane Eyre) and screen writer Chase Palmer. No other names are currently attached to the project.

It’s interesting to speculate who could be cast as the lead roles. Whilst two actors will be required for each of the seven children, it’s difficult to attach a name to the role of Pennywise the Clown. Could the children from the 1990 adaptation appear here as themselves grown up?

Seth Green appeared as the twelve year-old Richie Tozier and the pairing could still work. Some of 1990’s adult casting was also superb, with John Ritter (playing the older Ben Hanscom) and Tim Curry (Pennywise) seeming nigh-on perfect.

So, who could we see playing the lead parts? We take some random guesses…


Names have been bounded about on forums and gossip pages, the front-runners in our eyes being Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe; the former for his ability to do creepy a little too well (Con Air), the latter for his crazy outbursts (search no further than Spider-Man‘s Green Goblin… but if you did you’d find much more reason).

The Children

This is a difficult one, especially as casting agencies are dealing with unknown child actors all the time. For Beverly, the oestrogen of the group, someone with Elle Fanning‘s stoic brilliance in Super 8 would please us… it wouldn’t surprise us if the honour went to Breaking Dawn part 2 star Mackenzie Foy. Born in 2000 she’d be just the right age for the project should it start shooting soon. The others are just to hard to call.

The Adults

We’ve had a few ideas whilst writing this article… Daniel Day Lewis would make an intriguing Bill whilst Emily Blunt would do well as Audra Phillips, his actress wife. To retain the book’s aesthetics both Amy Adams and Rahcel McAdams could be considered for the role of Beverley. The role of Tom, Beverley’s abusive husband, could be dealt to Tom Hardy who has sinister kudos points having scared audiences with only his eyes in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. As for the rest of the group it’s hard to call. Whilst reading the novel we imagined Jackie Earle Haley as Eddie (but we’d settle for him being Pennywise as he too can turn on the scares) whilst perhaps Joel Edgerton could play bully Henry Bowers.

It’s all still speculation – we’d love to know your thoughts! Post your casting predictions below!

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    Mmmmmm I wonder if one day there will be a time when you can have all the originals and all the remakes of all the movies ever made next to each other in a movie library?
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    Pennywise: Willem Dafoe, Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi. Toss up between Dafoe and Buscemi, Buscemi might just be my 1st choice... Henry Bowers (Adult): Brad Dourif, Jack Nicholson (too old), Dougray Scott (too young). Brad Dourif is my 1st choice. Henry Bowers (Kid): no idea Richie Tozier (Adult): Steve Hofstetter, Ron Howard (probably a bit too old), Seth Green (probably too short), Alan Tudyk (too young), Conan O' Brien (too tall and too well known in his element). Steve Hofstetter is the best choice here, though I don't think he's acted much... Matthew Lillard is also a bit of a stretch for Richie-too young and too brunette, unless the hair was dyed, but that would look fake, so... no. Richie Tozier (Kid): Skyler Sandak-maybe. Can't really think of any other kid version Seth Green look-a-likes at the moment... Rupert Grint is already too old, sorry Rupert, but I think Richie's character is just not your thing... Bill Denbrough (Adult): Daniel Day-Lewis is an interesting choice, but I don't think so. Anthony Michael Hall-possibly, a bit blonde... Bill Pullman (too old), Leonardio DiCaprio (good leading man-say what you will), Kevin Spacey (I think he's a VERY good choice), or Liam Neeson (a bit tall, but has the right qualities for Bill...) Bill Denbrough (Kid): Chandler Riggs, not really sure... Ben Hanscomb (Adult): Richard Karn (1st choice), Pete Holmes Ben Hanscomb (Kid): Any good-natured boy (child actor) who is pudgy enough, I'm sure there are plenty of them... :) Beverly (Adult): Sandra Bullock, Claire Forlani, Jennifer Connelly Beverly (Kid): Willow Shields, Mackenzie Foy, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, not really sure... Eddie Kaspbrak: no idea, maybe Martin Short (Adult)... Mike Hanlon (Adult): Definitely Denzel Washington, WITHOUT A DOUBT. Denzel would kill that role. Maybe deep voiced, brawny Dennis Haysbert, but he may be too associated with those Allstate commercials now... Mike Hanlon (Kid): Jaden Smith might be a bit tall now, but he'd be a fine choice. for Stan the Man-no idea-for both adult and kid actors, maybe Dustin Hoffman, but Dustin is kind of short. Maybe Ben Stiller, but he's kinda young... Jeff Goldblum is too olive toned, and too associated with brainy characters like Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. I know they don't have to be Jewish actors, but I'm drawing a blank here... Stan the Man is kinda the regular guy with darker hair, so a lot of actors would do nicely.