Series title:
Season 12
12 Episode: Array

Four narcissistic friends run an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

Release Date(s)
US: Wed 4 Jan, 2017

TV Review

Sup jabronis! As you may or may not be aware, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been gracing the screens of the US and the rest of the world for the past 12 years. Created and produced by three of the main stars Rob McElhenney (Mac) Glenn Howerton (Dennis) and Charlie Day (well….Charlie), the comedy is now in the running for one of the longest sitcoms in America’s television history.

Also starring Kaitlin Olsen (the stupid bird Sweet Dee) and Danny Devito (Frank) and a host of other whacky characters, It’s Always Sunny… has returned to fine form. Adventuring further out of their beloved bar “Paddy’s Pub”, the gang find themselves in farcical and ridiculous (and sometimes downright insane) situations that can make the viewer laugh out loud and cringe intensely.

Season 12 kicks off with the slightly controversial ‘The Gang Turns Black’, a very Sunny and social narrative on black culture in the US and the way that people are treated. The use of racial slurs, the way in which black people are treated by the police force and other such themes. An interesting watch and a very different way to introduce a series, especially as it is a musical!

I won’t go into loads of detail about what has been released so far, especially as we are only half way through the series.

Episode two sees the gang visit a water park, which admittedly sounds like a plot for a children’s TV show, but if you throw the dysfunctional and egocentric five-some into any situation you know everything is going to go spiralling downwards very quickly indeed. With Dennis (a complete sociopath) taking on a protege and Charlie and Frank attempting to try every ride in one day (with a hilarious and maybe concerning approach) ‘The Gang Goes to a Water Park’ is one example of how leaving Paddy’s Pub can sometimes work out for the best.

Then comes episode three ‘Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy’. This is probably the only episode thus far when a newcomer can watch and maybe not understand all of it. Reintroducing old characters, which are funnier with background, the episode revolves around Dennis (funnily enough) trying to make an entertaining TV show out of the dark goings on at the home of Charlie and Mac’s mothers (see, needs background). Personally, the less said about this episode the better.

Episode 4 ‘Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare’ has to be one of the best episodes of the season at the moment. With the apt title and the way in which the characters squirm and struggle whilst trying to address the nation amidst a wonderfully dark “public relations nightmare” doesn’t stumble for one second. With the ego of all of the characters, combined with the ridiculous and escalating issues, this episode is one to go down in Sunny history.

Finally, as we reach the mid-season point, ‘Making Dennis Reynolds A Murderer’ is a creative and intelligent take on the hit US crime show. This episode really gives Dennis a chance to show off his psychotic and unsettling character traits (which is probably one of my favourite elements of the show) and push his ongoing unraveling. With a change of style for this episode, it really pays off to make a funny and entertaining instalment in the TV show.

So far this series is already becoming a firm favourite.

Making a murderer. Guest appearances (Game of Thrones fans keep an eye out) Change of style in certain episodes. Original ideas even after 12 seasons.
Old Lady House didn't live up to the potential. Some episodes are shorter. This could very well be Devito's last season.
Episode 1 - The Gang Turns Black
Episode 2 - The Gang Goes to a Waterpark
Episode 3 - Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy
Episode 4 - Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare
Episode 5 - Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer
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