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Glue TV Review

Fri 2 May, 2014 @ 18:44 GMT

The last episode of My Mad Fat Diary series 2 has  arrived. I did wonder how they would end this series; to me there seemed so many unanswered questions.

Episode 6 left us with Rae spending the night with Liam. This turns out to be the first time she has had sex. There is the awkward moment of waking up the next morning, and we see that both Rae and Liam slept with their clothes on during the night. Rae returns home and relations with her Mum are not great. Her mum is heavily pregnant and is redecorating Rae’s room for the baby. Rae isn’t happy about this and is rude to her mum.

That same day Rae goes to college to face the music after walking off the stage during the Performing Arts show where she stood in during Chloe’s absence. Rae has a run in with the cool girls, which is seen by the College Head. Rae has a chat with her and threatens to leave College. Rae feels that everything is going wrong, and that she needs to sort out the friendships in her group. Rae goes to see if Chloe has come home. Discovering that Chloe is still missing Rae decides that she needs to fix certain things in her life. At a counselling session with Kestor, Rae is given the confidence to do what she needs to do in her life. Rae decides also she doesn’t need her father in her life and writes him a letter, saying it was nice to meet you and see you around.

An awful event takes place when Rae returns home one day and finds a trail of blood from the kitchen to the landing. She finds her mum bleeding in the bathroom; there have been complications with the baby and Rae’s mum is semi-conscious. Rae rings for an ambulance. Her mum is immediately taken to hospital. It is touch and go whether the pair will make it.

After knowing that her Mother is being looked after and her new baby sister is in intensive care, Rae decides to find Chloe. I was glad that she decided to do this, as from the end of the previous episode it seemed that Rae wasn’t going to hunt Chloe down. Rae goes to the older guy’s house who Chloe had been recently dating. On her first visit Rae doesn’t have much luck finding Chloe there. On the second visit Rae has the courage to stand up to the bullies and finds Chloe in a state upstairs. It seems that she has been spending her time getting drunk and having sex with the older guys in the group; Chloe thinks this makes her feel better about herself knowing that men want her physically. Rae persuades Chloe to come back home.

Earlier in the week Rae had tried to fix the rifts in her friendship group. Izzy and Chop had split up and were at each other’s throats. Archie was disappointed in Chop for not standing up to his other friends who were bullying Archie for being gay. An outing doesn’t go to plan, and the group can’t be in the same place as each other. With this plan fails, Rae tries a different way. There is also a reunion with someone special…

Finn has decided to come back after moving away; being a scaffolder wasn’t for him. Finn comforts Rae after the upset with her mum. Rae has made up with her mum and cares a lot for her baby sister. After several days Rae’s mum is able to come home. Turns out the redecorating was so that Rae could have her mum’s and Karim’s room, and they would sleep with the new baby in Rae’s old room.

Rae brings the friendship group together in the pub and Chop stands up for Archie when the other guys attempt to pick on him. Izzy realises that she still wants Chop, and snogs his face off, while Archie forgives him. Rae admits to Liam that she only wanted to be friends with him, because she’s realised they weren’t good for each other. It seems a happy ending for Rae, as Finn and her are able to reconcile. Rae finally realises she has the confidence to take off her clothes in front of Finn. They spend the night together and the series draws to a close.

There’s nothing we like more than a happy outcome! All the loose ends have been tied up, but let’s hope there’s room for a third season.

Happy endings
Feels rushed at times to come to conclusions
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