My Mad Fat Diary Season: 2 Episode: 6

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Rae realises that Chloe is a true friend
Disappointed in the direction Rae chooses

TV Review

We are nearing the end of season 2 of My Mad Fat Diary. Episode 6 is the penultimate episode, and really a look back at events from seasons 1 and 2 seen through the eyes of Chloe. Rae is involved in the show for the Performing Arts course, and Chloe was the lead singer in her group but she hasn’t been coming to rehearsals. Rae decides to go to Chloe’s house and finds out from Chloe’s parents that she has gone missing. Her parents don’t seem concerned, as Chloe seems to do disappearing acts all the time.

Rae says she needs the posters Chloe has for the show, and then looks for information on Chloe’s whereabouts, snooping around in her room. Rae is surprised to find that Chloe keeps a diary, and manages to sneak the diary out of the house.

Over the week leading up to the performance Rae reads Chloe’s diary for clues to where she is. Rae at first sees Chloe had written all about the events over the course of the summer since Rae had joined the friendship group, from the time Rae saw Chloe after coming out of hospital and everyone thought she had been to France, up to current events. Rae disagrees with what Chloe has written, and compares her own diary. The episode is mostly done through flashbacks to events from the first two seasons. We also see Rae struggling with the realisation that if Chloe doesn’t come back in time for the performance then Rae will have to sing as the lead.

Whilst reading Chloe’s diary Rae understands that Chloe may not be as selfish as she seems. Rae learns that Chloe still liked Finn, even though she knew that Finn didn’t see her in a romantic way. Chloe realised that the only thing she was good at was trying to get men to like her and use her feminine wiles on the older guy. Hence, she seduced her old PE teacher and started hanging out with the older guys to make herself feel better. Rae also realises that Chloe worried about her, and was always there for her. Rae feels bad that now Chloe has gone off, she can’t help her.

When Rae reads up to the present day, she finds out where Chloe has gone. She is with the older guy she had got involved with because she thinks that’s all she’s good at. Rae attempts to sing in front of everyone, and imagines everyone in the audience is Chloe, before running off stage. She realises that there is one thing that she should do.

Earlier in the week at a group therapy session Liam expressed his strong opinion on something, and Kester shouted at him. Kester doesn’t think Rae should get involved with Liam, and it seems his personal opinion came out in the incident. Liam declares to Rae that after saying he didn’t think they should be a couple, he has now decided that they can be together and would be good together because they get each other’s messed up minds.

As the episode ends, Rae knocks on Liam’s door and they go to his bedroom, before turning the lights off. I was disappointed that Rae didn’t go after Chloe, as that seemed to be the way the episode was heading, as Chloe was the focus (despite being missing). It would also have been good to see Finn to come back and see Rae, or Rae to go looking for Finn, but she seems more drawn to Liam now. We’ll have to wait and see how season 2 finishes up…

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