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American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 6

Now for the diversionary mid-season episode of Coven, which sees a miniature horror tale of a true horror figure, 'The Axeman' of New Orleans...

A review of American Horror Story: Coven

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter a rather unfinished Halloween two-parter, and the already prominent incorporation of two real life historical characters (LaLaurie and Laveau), American Horror Story didn’t let up on their annual tradition by introducing guest star Danny Huston as the husky voiced legendary killer the Axeman.

In 1919 a real-life axe murderer killed several victims and courted the press with a letter that threatened he would chop up anyone who did not blast loud jazz music from their homes. Without warning, the attacks ceased and the mysterious madman was never heard from again. That letter was recited at the start of the episode as part of a re-written alternative narrative which leads to our sax playing killer to be stabbed to death by the young witches residing in Miss Robichaux’s at the time. As if witches didn’t have enough enemies…

So naturally, this week’s episode revolved around the return of the Axeman after Zoe unwisely conjures him with a Ouija board. You might want to forget for a moment that Zoe is a WITCH with magical powers just so you can make sense of that…. but of course I’ll be getting to that issue later.

Whilst an evil axe-wielding ghost poses as Madison in order to lead the girls to her body and free him from haunting the house, Riff Raff… er, I mean, Spalding’s necromancer perversions are revealed when Madison’s corpse is discovered in his room, dressed as a doll and missing an arm. In steps Misty Day to resurrect her (yay!) and once again our screens are graced with the wry washed up starlet pining for a cigarette.

It’s still early days but I’ve been a big fan of Madison so far simply for her bitchy quips, but already we can tell there’s something not quite right about her, though thankfully not in a ‘Kyle’ sort of way. I guess dying does that to you…

I digress, it’s really difficult not to get frustrated at the lack of magic going on for a Coven of witches. So far Misty has resurrected a bunch of people but the other girls (read Zoe) are largely useless in doing anything other than releasing an already supernatural force from his prison. That also gets weird and scary when The Axeman attacks Cordelia as she blindly stumbles about her room. Methinks Zoe’s ability to ‘send him away’ is to serve as some sort of red herring that she may be the Supreme, as we now know it’s not Madison, but with Fiona growing weaker, we’re not left with many choices. My money is still on Nan.

Our episode this week culminated in Fiona, wallowing at a bar once more after her first session of Chemotherapy when she is unexpectedly approached by a stranger…. a stranger who seems to know her all too well. And so Fiona dances off with the disturbingly charming Axeman and he buys her a drink – then all of a sudden next weeks episode looks extremely interesting…

Best Scene: The Coven of 1919 wreaking their vengeance on The Axeman

Freakiest Scene: Madison’s corpse being locked inside that freaky doll room..

What to look forward to next week: A budding romance or a hasty disposal concerning the Axeman and Fiona’s dalliance at the bar.

What not to look forward to: Is the elaborate hat stand in the hallway at Miss Robichaux’s the next Supreme? Just hurry up and tell us!


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