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Game of Thrones Season 8 preview: This is the end

Who will be sitting on the Iron Throne come June 2019?? Here's a quick catch-up to where we're at

Who can even comprehend the final season of the most incestuous show ever to air?

What can you expect from a TV show that killed Sean Bean within its first nine episodes?

Nothing, and that is why I am on tenterhooks to find out what meets our heroes ending in the last ever (and I MEAN EVER) series of Game of Thrones.

After eight series I am excited but also worried to witness the end of what could be considered the most enthralling epic of breasts, dragons and zombies one could ever wish to see.

But before GoT starts we need to remind ourselves of where our most beloved murderers are.

Needless to say spoilers will follow, for the internet is dark and full of terrors.

Don’t scroll further if you aren’t up to date!!

One can assume we will pick up where the finale ended. The Night King has just killed one of Queen Dany’s children after an ambush in the North (the real North). Now we face a reality where a WHITE WALKER DRAGON exists. I try not to shit myself every time I think of it.

The only positive thing that has happened in the previous season was the reunion of the Stark family, albeit a half-reunion (remember, Bran is all Woodstock-like and seeing things the rest don’t). Also, that little bitch Baelish finally met his comeuppance, after years of plotting and being a weasel of the worst variety he finally got what was coming.

We had long-awaited answers to Jon Snow’s parentage, Tyrion facing his witch of a sister and the preliminary face-off for the Clegane bros.

Season seven created all the nail-biting tensity which will culminate in the show’s final hours, soon to be unleashed on the general public.

Episode run-times have been confirmed to run between 60 to 85 minutes long throughout the six-episode stint.

Another confirmation is that we will see the biggest battle the North has ever seen (including fan-favourite Battle of the Bastards). An episode which will feature the majority of the remaining main cast that will pit the forces of the living against the evil of the dead.

Whatever happens, we are due some shocking and depressing endings for some characters, let’s just hope Hodor survived (spoiler) and becomes the person who sits upon the Iron Throne.

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