TV News

Tue 3 Mar, 2015 @ 08:30 GMT

It’s over twenty years since Twin Peaks finished, but the famous series is due to return in 2016 with a nine-episode run.

The original show was created and directed by David Lynch, best known for his film work, and he is set to reprise his role for the forthcoming series.

Twin Peaks aired on TV from 1990 to 1991, and it also spawned a film a year later. The drama immediately captured the public’s imagination, but the murder mystery theme and the strange habits of the characters soon became confusing to watch. The viewing figures dropped off sharply and the show was cancelled at the end of the second series, but there remains a huge cult following.

The 1992 film was meant to tie up unanswered questions but, in true Lynch fashion, it ended up being a baffling experience.

There are already whisperings about what to expect from the new series. Kyle MacLachlan is rumoured to be returning as Agent Cooper, and the characters of Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) and Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) could also make a comeback, though in exactly what capacity we don’t know – Laura died in the original, after all. It has also been suggested that the show will be set in the present day, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The production team will likely keep any information under wraps to avoid spoilers, but there should be a few titbits to feed on along the way.

Be sure to watch the first two series and the film to catch up on the story. I know I’ll be dusting off my box set!