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E! is aiming to satisfy America’s obsession with the British monarchy when new drama The Royals starts in the US on March 15.

The network’s first ever scripted series features Elizabeth Hurley as the controlling Queen Helena and Joan Collins as her mother.

Now UK viewers can get in on the action, with the broadcaster announcing it will air on E! UK on March 25.

The show was created by Mark Schwahn (One Tree Hill) and documents the personal struggles of a family desperately trying to uphold its public image.

One storyline sees the Queen having to deal with her mischievous daughter, whose behaviour has attracted the unwanted attention from the paparazzi – might that be based on a certain auburn-haired prince, I wonder?

The Royals is co-produced by Lionsgate, and company executive Peter Iacono told Digital Spy: “The series exemplifies the kind of distinctive and daring programming that defines and drives our TV brand, and we’re very pleased that British viewers will have the opportunity to meet The Royals when the series launches on E! UK next month.”

Other cast members include Alexandra Park (Home & Away), Lydia Rose Bewley (The Inbetweeners, Drifters) and  Sophie Colquhoun (Plebs).

Here’s a little taster of what’s to come:

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