Every so often a sitcom comes around that pushes the boundaries and steps away from the norm. Workaholics (2011) is that sitcom.

With seven seasons under their belt, Adam Levine, Black Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck have struck gold with their stoner-psycho comedy about three friends and their drug-dealer living in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

With the characters being exaggerated versions of themselves, the mayhem ensues in each episode. The three amigos (not including Kyle, the brown water trash of a human being) work as telesales drones for TelAmeriCorp, being verbally abused by their boss Alice (a very spiteful and vindictive Maribeth Monroe) and messing with their co-workers.

Directed, co-created and mostly written by the main characters, Workaholics is a brash, extreme and downright insane sitcom that provides so many laughs that it places itself comfortably next to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in my list of favourite American shows.

Where else can you find a song based on the Catherine Zeta-Jones film Entrapment (1999)?

“Catherine Zeta Jooooones, she dips beneath lasers, oh ooh oh.

“She has entrapped me and Sean Connery, oh ooh oh.”

The boys from Rancho are currently in their seventh season, ensuring the farcical nonsense, pot smoking and drunken mishaps continue. The workaholics have also been responsible for coining a few phrases such as “tight-butthole” (which means good apparently) and “Demamp Camp” (a ridiculous macho-style ego boost for Devine’s character).

There is never a dull moment in the show, offering guest stars from Jack Black, Andy Dick, and brother of Thor himself Liam Hemsworth.

Starting off as a Youtube series by their comedy sketch group Mail Order Comedy, and transforming into the beast that is Workaholics, the boys have done a stellar job of bringing laughter to their audience.

But all good things must come to an end, with rumours of this season being its last, Workaholics may no longer be something I can look forward to each week. Totally not Gnar at all.