Video: Altered Carbon – ‘Fight For Your Life’ – Featurette

Fight the future.

Netflix have uploaded a new featurette for their upcoming series Altered Carbon. This short video shows off some of the fighting featured and the extent to which they trained to make the fights as believable as possible.

It’s clear from the trailers that Netflix are sparing no expense for this one. With the success of Blade Runner 2049 it’s evident people are all for cyberpunk Sci-fi and the streaming platform are going all out to create a rich and vibrant world with all the techno-paranoia that comes with it.

Based on the book by Richard Morgan, Altered Carbon explores everlasting life as human personalities can be uploaded into new bodies. Joel Kinnaman plays Takeshi Kovacs, brought back from the dead and tasked with solving a murder. All ten episodes hit Netflix February 2nd.

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