Twin Peaks – What To Expect From Series 3

Twin Peaks returns to our screens bringing with it plenty of mystery.

Finally the wait is over! Old fans and fans yet to be will be watching the new series of Twin Peaks, after more than twenty years of absence from the small screen.

The original series from David Lynch was never predictable and would always throw a curve ball for the audience – the first series starting off with the body of a local teenager found in the town of Twin Peaks. Having re-watched the first and second series to get on track and of course the prequel film Fire Walk with Me (1992), I feel I am refreshed with the intricacies of Twin Peaks once again. Fear not, if you have run out of time to play catch up on the previous series, I’m sure jumping straight into series three after such a gap you could probably keep up with the ethos of the show. Lynch’s work is very stand alone in places.

There will be familiar faces from the previous series and judging by some of the images of the old characters you’ll think ‘surely that can’t be my favourite character now older?’ In this day and age of spoilers, episode titles and synopses leaking, I think it is a miracle that the third series has remained wrapped in mystery!

Lynch will make an appearance once again reprising the role he made his own and Kyle MacLachlan will be returning as FBI agent, Dale Cooper. He seemed to make Twin Peaks his home, I wonder if he has been there all these years. There have been teaser trailers which hint at who else will be back. The series was innovative and paved the way for a lot of television after it. One teaser trailer ran on the basis of “Before…… “(insert obligatory television series that was made after Twin Peaks). One thing for sure is the younger characters from the original series will have grown up. Does this mean we will see the next generation? Their children wrapped up in the seedy undertone of the town?

There will be two types of viewer watching this new series. The die-hard fans who have watched the two previous series and the prequel film and read the books written about Twin Peaks. Then there will be the those who’ll dip into the new series having seen none of the past events, going in with a fresh open mind. Hopefully the series will become the water cooler talk every Monday morning – if people can stay up that late this side of the pond as it will be 2am every Monday morning the new episodes will air. Or you could try to avoid spoilers all day Monday and catch the repeat at 9pm Monday nights. Whichever way you will watch I hope you enjoy. Welcome back to Twin Peaks!

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