Five things we need from Game of Thrones Series 7

After the teaser release, here are five things we need from the upcoming series of Game of Thones

Right, I am just going to assume that anyone reading this is a fan of the epic television series which is Game of Thrones. The upcoming season, which will air in July, is moving towards the end game.

In fact, a trailer has just been released (not one filled full of action, dragons, mammary glands and death) and whilst it may not give much insight into what fans can expect of the new series, it certainly is interesting.

Now, I didn’t get into Thrones until the third series was aired, I just didn’t have time and thought it was overhyped like The Walking Dead, but how wrong I was. I love the show, I love the characters, the story (prefer the books but we will get to that later), just everything about it.

I will admit, the fifth series was quite dull compared to the rest but I agree that you need story building to make a series work. Series six was absolutely amazing, I would place it in my top three, but the new series is going to blow it all out of the water. Even though it is shortened to just eight episodes (maybe seven, I can never keep up), we should be able to expect something MASSIVE.

Here, in my opinion, are five things the new series needs to deliver. Be careful though, because this post is dark and full of spoilers.



Look, it needs to happen. The biggest battle we have has so far was in the amazingly-titled Battle of the Bastards. It had everything, Mereen in chaos, the north at war and much bloodshed. We should definitely be able to expect the start of the long-awaited White Walker War, it needs to happen!

We need The Nights Watch teaming up with their betrayed leader, the free folk (NOT WILDLINGS YOU IGNORANT SWINE) and the remainder of whatever forces are at Jon’s disposal. This kind of leads me into the second point.

2. More alliances

There is very exciting potential for the next lot of armies to fight in Westeros. We have Euron Greyjoy heading over to mess everything up, the remaining Greyjoy forces with Dany and then the North and the Nights Watch. To add even more names into the mix, we have the Brotherhood without Banners, the King’s Army (well Queen’s at this stage), the very annoying Dorne armies (who, if memory serves me correctly, are chummy with the Tyrells now?).

Imagine everyone choosing their sides and turning Westeros into one large battlefield, which hasn’t really happened since before the shows in Robert’s Rebellion!

3. Introduction of new and important characters

This is where I am going to be vague for people who haven’t read the books. There are surprise appearances which put into question who may or may not be eligible to sit on the iron throne. They may lay claim more so than characters we have gotten used to over the past six seasons of the show…watch this space.


Who in their right minds doesn’t want to see the two Clegane boys battle it out. The zombie vs the redeemed. It would be a historic moment in television history and it has been brewing ever since season one at the king’s tournament. LET THEM FIGHT.

5. A Stark reunion

Look, cut the guys a break. Over the past six seasons they have been stabbed, shot with arrows, beheaded, crippled and had their throats cut. They are the true family of the north and it is about bloody time they make a strong comeback. As two of them are already reunited and another two are seriously heading in the right direction, we can only hope the ‘doomed’ family will turn the tables and become one of the strongest forces in Essos.

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