Another 20 years of The Walking Dead? No thanks

A continuation of my disappointment with The Walking Dead, now in its bloated and unforgiving seventh series.

Where is this show going? – this is the one question I have had in my head since the premiere of the latest series.

The Walking Dead has officially become a dull, mind-numbing cash cow that AMC is continuing to milk for as much as possible.

The show, which has seen its lowest ratings in four years throughout the current season, just won’t seem to die (much like a large percentage of the hopeless characters that still taunt us with their existence).

In a recent interview with showrunner, turned evil villain, Scott Gimple said: “We are trying to do twenty years. The [Walking Dead] comic has certainly done it, and I look forward to every issue. The Simpsons has been on 26, 27 years, so that’s a challenge – so OK, challenge accepted. Done.”

You know when someone seems perfectly fine to begin with, seems like a hard working person who just wants the best for everyone, much like The Governor (David Morrissey) from the previous series’ of TWD, but then they say something that makes you recoil in horror and realise they are evil? Well Mr Gimple, you have succeeded sir.

If the show continues on the awful track it has been since October 23 then I will personally put a .44 Python against my temple and rid myself of this deeply depressing exhaustion of a much-loved franchise.

Mr Gimple continued to say that he wanted to explore more possibilities outside of the source material. Whilst this is something that should be considered from time to time (especially when looking at successful series’ like Game of Thrones) I feel the show has deviated a lot from the comic, to the point that amazing plot lines and scenes have been lost in translation and absolutely butchered.

On Monday (April 3) we get to see the finale to this dreadful series and, judging by the trailers, it looks like it may be moderately exciting, but I say this with a pinch of salt.

Now we count down the days until GoT comes back onto our screens…. wish July would hurry up.

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  • I have to agree, Patrick. They should change the name of the show to 'Slow-Paced Conversations Where Occasionally Very Unthreatening Walking Deadens Stroll in'. Can I borrow the Python after you? We should do a Top Blasé Walking Dead Zombie Encounters.

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