Five TV Shows My Mum’s Craving

It's Mother's Day, and what better way to celebrate than to present a round-up of shows that my mum is excited about.

Off to the Shires I head for Mother’s Day. No doubt some interesting television will flash by on her flatscreen this weekend. If a TV show has any form of retribution or judicial sentencing, it’s likely mum will be watching. Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise that she’s extremely excited about the third season of Hannibal.

Mum threw her toys out of the pram at the conclusion of season two – certainly no cosmic justice happening in this show. She vowed never to watch it again, but it hasn’t taken much persuading to get her invested in Hannibal’s new playground of chaos, Europe, for the upcoming season.

Second on the list is the imminent enigma, Wayward Pines. Mum likes police dramas and creepy atmospheres, and this appears to have both. It’s obviously indebted to Twin Peaks, which is also primed to make a return – it seems there’s no shortage of quirky, haunting series jostling for attention.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the Iron Islands, you’ll know that Game of Thrones is the buzz show of the day. She loves herself a bit of sword and saucery, does our mum. We’re certainly looking forward to what the House Martells of Dorne have in store for those dodgy Lannisters.

Mum’s support for Ukip is a turn up for the books. Once a card-carrying Labourite, her concerns over the much debated influx of low-skilled immigrants and outgoing high-skilled Brits has sent her rightward. It comes as no surprise that Question Time, as the elections draws ever closer, will be compulsory viewing for my excitable mother.

Death and taxes aren’t the only certainties in life. Mum’s love for Judge Judy – the ultimate dispenser of justice – is another. Whether it’s a couple arguing over fridge space in their old apartment way back in the 90s, or some dodgy guy called Chuck overspending on his mother’s credit card being castigated by the cosmetically augmented battle axe, you can be assured my mum will be watching.

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