4 movies that should be turned into a TV series

Which films should make the move next with their own spinoff TV series?

It would appear TV execs all over have run out of ideas and are turning to Hollywood for their next small screen success. With the likes of Minority Report, Big and Ghost being turned into TV shows soon, we get in on the action and suggest a few other blockbusters we want to see on the small screen once a week for 20 episodes before the series fizzles out and is cancelled:


1. Sharknado!

The movie was outstanding, the TV series would be more so. Just imagine if a town was constantly berated by not just one but many Sharknados? What if this town was also a home to an O.C. style group of youths who not only have to deal with the pressures of being 30+ years old and playing teenagers but also ruddy big sharks in tornadoes chasing them? Tears, drama, teenage angst and the occasional character being munched on.


2. Child’s Play

What if the killer spirit possessed doll was actually possessed by a wise cracking playboy? Chuckie is brought home from a charity shop by a family and hilarity ensues as he teaches the kids the way of the world, whilst also helping the parents rebuild their fragile relationship. Things get even crazier in the second series when Chuckie’s wife is brought home by the daughter of the family. A will-they, won’t-they relationship like Jennifer Aniston and that feller from Friends develops as everyone falls in love with this charming doll couple.


3. The Human Centipede

Wouldn’t it be great to see the mad scientist from the Human Centipede as the guy across the hall from a cooky group of twenty somethings that are all joined together, shitting in each other’s mouths? The twist? He is falling for the girl in the middle. The series will revolve around him trying to get the girl and telling his future kids how he met their mother.


4. Jack & Jill

Adam Sandler playing not one but TWO lead characters?! Why this is not a mandate for movies, we do not know. In this series about a brother and sister, both played by Sandler, we would see it much darker than the movie. They would be working to solve many crimes in a CSI fashion with a lovely gritty filter over the top and their biggest case being why the hell Adam Sandler is not in more movies?!

So there you have it TV executives, we’ve done the hard work for you so now get on with it and make these awesome TV shows!

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