5 unorthadox ways to kill zombies

When all else fails, there is always one of these Zombie killing methods to save the day - and your brains.

The Walking Dead is back on our teleboxes! Something everyone, everywhere can rejoice about. It is the TV show that just keeps on giving and it actually gets better with each series, unlike other shows. Here are five new ideas to kill zombies that we think will actually improve the series even more:

1. Sharks

If a shark bites a zombie does it become a zombie? Probably not as sharks have great big mouths and would bite straight through a rotting corpse. Here’s the idea; Daryl is on his holiday and decides to visit London. Unfortunately, he is being chased by a load of brain munchers around London aquarium and he’s only gone and run out of arrows. So what better way to get rid of them than by luring them into the shark tank? Stand in the shark tunnel and watch the beauty of nature destroy the zombies.

2. Yeti

Ahh the yeti. A mythical mountain man or something to do with the missing link? Who knows? But what we do know is that the big hairy dude would come in mighty handy when it comes to taking out some zombies as you ride fresh pow on the slopes of your favourite snowy mountain. Picture this: instead of out running an avalanche on their trusty Burton snowboards there is a horde of frosty zombies chasing Ric, Carl and Darryl. Unfortunately, they come to a flat and you’ve run out of steam. They take their boards off but the zombies are from World War Z on ice or something and are gaining on them. When out from the trees comes the protector of the mountains and every one’s favourite Henderson starts smashing the undead to pieces!

3. Light Sabres

Light sabres make everything better! Imagine seeing Michone using a light sabre, that conveniently fell from the sky, to slice her way through a horde of roamers and rescue Carl, (as she often has to! I mean you can tell he is Lorrie’s son with the amount of times he is saved). Maybe give her a jet pack too.

4. A Tank

It’s featured in a few episodes and left their prison home in ruins but wouldn’t it be nice to for once just see some good old fashion zombie carnage as Ric and co lay the smack down with a big ole tank? Picture the corpses flying through the air as they are turned to cannon fodder! A beautiful and mesmerizing sight to behold I’m sure.

5. Chuck Norris

To say he is supposed to be the hardest guy on the planet, he has done pretty much nothing to see off this zombie menace. We’re starting to think maybe his toughness was some sort of joke. Anyway, Ric and the gang are in a pickle, Carl is bitching about something, Michone dropped her sword and Darryl’s all out of arrows, things look bleak as a bunch of zombies corner them in a warehouse. Then, just as things are going from bad to worse when they’ve used Carl as a distraction but gets himself eaten, Chuck swings down from the rafters and using his bare hands starts to dismantle the Zombies! Not only that but coming up from the rear is none other than Steven Seagal! After they beat the crap out of the Zombies, they high five!

Well those are just some ideas and as we’re sure you’ll agree, if they aren’t snapped up by The Walking Dead’s producers they are stupid. Got any other ideas? Let us know!

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