Review: In The Flesh Season 2, Episode 3

Kieren finds himself drawing closer to the mysterious Simon as prejudices against PDS sufferers in Roarton become more apparent

The third episode of this series sees the storyline go down a dark path. The enemy of the piece, the new councillor, may have secrets to hide.

At the end of episode 2 Jem, Kieren’s sister, was patrolling the woods for any rabid PDS sufferers. A party was going on near the woods and Henry, a PDS sufferer and class mate of Jem’s, was walking through the woods. Jem, thinking she needs to prove herself, shoots Henry dead after thinking he is a rabid. Gary, Jem’s fellow patroller, attempts to cover up the incident. Jem feels guilt ridden that Henry is really dead this time and not coming back. Henry’s mother goes to the councillor Maxine when she thinks Henry has gone missing. Maxine tries to persuade her that Henry has run away to join one of the rebel groups for PDS sufferers. His mother is not convinced.

This episode also has a storyline which focuses on other characters. Freddie is a PDS sufferer who was married before he died in a car crash and then rose in the Rising. When he came back to Roarton his wife, Haley had formed a relationship with an estate agent called Amir. The new couple allow Freddie to stay with them. It does seem though that Freddie would like to be close to his ex-wife again. He tries to persuade her to go away with him. It seems though that Haley has grown up and doesn’t want to be with Freddie.

The episode also sees Kieren and Simon spending time together on the volunteer programme for PDS sufferers. Simon has views on the PDS sufferers that Kieren doesn’t agree with. It seems that there are groups in the country which would like to oppress the PDS sufferers. Simon believes that the PDS sufferers should be accepted for what they are now and left alone to live the life they choose. An incident happens with Freddie where he doesn’t take his medication and begins to go rabid; Kieren goes to help and sees that Freddie just needs to take his medication. Kieren also has words with Gary, who plans to take Freddie off to the Medical Institution for PDS sufferers. It also becomes apparent in this episode that Simon likes Kieren in a romantic sense. The incident with Freddie makes Kieren believe in Simon’s views; he goes to see him to join the group for PDS sufferers, and they share a kiss.

I liked the dark twist in this episode where there are hints of government forces trying to shape the PDS sufferers into lesser citizens of Britain. The councillor Maxine certainly has a story to tell, but the way the storyline is heading this seems to be dragging out and it may be nearer the end of the series when this becomes apparent.

The music of the episode is put to good use. The series may be low budget, but the way it is written leaves the viewer hooked and looking forward to the next episode. It would be nice to see Kieren happy with the mysterious Simon, but it feels like this may not happen. Simon seems to be deceiving Kieren’s friend Amy, who believes herself to be having a relationship with Simon. The humour in the series is funny at times but with a dark edge. I look forward to the rest of the series.

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