Review: In the Flesh Season 2, Episode 2

Tensions in Roarton begin to mount as a mysterious stranger arrives, and Kieren experiences some trouble when he tries to leave the village

The end of the second series opener was leading us down a dark path. As the second episodes starts we can tell that village relations are going to be fraught.

This episode focuses mostly on Jem, the sister of main character, Kieren. Jem is back at school after the events of the Rising in Roarton. She is having nightmares about her experiences of killing Rotters (the dead beings that had risen). Kieren is planning to leave for France, but is stopping due to a new initiative set up in the village by the new MP. However, there are dark forces that are trying to expose the new government initiative as a scam to keep Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers monitored and controlled. Amy, Kieren’s friend, has a mysterious man named Simon staying with her,  a PDS Sufferer who is especially interested in the beings that rose in Roarton.

This episode sees plans being formed to change the village’s idea of PDS. The music is dark and brooding, and used to warn us that something bad is going to happen. As a viewer, there is something very creepy about Amy’s new friend Simon. This isn’t surprising, because Emmett J Scanlan (who plays Simon) is particularly good at playing creepy characters. He took on the role of disturbed drug dealer/club owner Brendan Brady in the soap Hollyoaks, for example.

The darkness of this episode worked well and the pacing of the story was good. Seasons 2 is longer than the first season, having six episodes instead of three. We’re hoping they can continue the suspense through season 2. The hero of the series, Kieren, is naive, but when push comes to shove he can stand up for himself, and could be capable of seeking out the truth of what’s happening in Roarton.

It does feel in this series that you can’t trust anyone. Every character seems to have an ulterior motive, and it will be interesting to see how the storylines pan out and who comes out on top – the creepy MP? Simon the PDS disciple? And will Kieren be able to leave the village?

This episode ended (once again) with a tragic incident involving Jem, Kieren’s sister. The preview for the next episode suggests there will be even more secrets coming to the surface. We can’t wait.

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