Marks and Spencer Christmas Ad is a Star-Studded Fairy-Tale

Marks and Spencer come up trumps this Christmas season with a sparkling fairy tale themed ad

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are certain adverts that herald the start of the festive season. Coca Cola trucks, an Iceland prawn ring –  but this year Marks and Spencer have gone all out, and given us a sparkling two minute affair. Have you seen it yet?

We’ve already had little children who just can’t wait to give their parents a John Lewis gift, and of course some Magic Moments with Quality Street. Christmas adverts can become as iconic as the movies which grace our screens year in and year out. If they are done right, they can become as synonymous with the festive season as classic films, such as It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone and The Great Escape. Check the schedule; they’re always on at Christmas. Marks and Spencer have previously given us X-Factor finalists warbling in their scarves, whilst looking longingly down the camera begging for your vote with their eyes. And who can forget Christmas with Twiggy, Take That and Myleene Klass (before Littlewoods snapped her up).

This outing we open on Rosie Huntington-Whitely chasing her little white dog through the darkened streets. England being England, there is an open manhole cover without any appropriate warning signs and the long – legged beauty plummets to her doom. However, this being a magical Christmas advert, she can’t really be killed on our screens before the watershed. No, instead she is channelling Alice as she made her first foray into Wonderland. Falling in a slowish motion, she manages to switch clothes twice before landing as only a model can.

Enjoying her time as Alice, she joins the Mad Hatters tea party and it seems that her little dog was masquerading as the white rabbit, leading her to this opulent affair. Delicious delights and luxurious gifts adorn the table and while you wonder if you can purchase the Eat Me, Drink Me items in the Food Hall, Rosie accepts the invitation of David Gandy’s Mad Hatter and treats herself to a classy little handbag. After changing into a warming red number, or a riding hood if you will, she gets chased through a creepy wood by the Queen of Hearts’ card soldiers. Seeking refuge in the obvious safe haven of the house from Hansel and Gretel, she wanders through without a care in the world, marvelling at her new surroundings. The paintings are more astute, and seem concerned that she is yet again not looking where she’s going, as she boards a magic carpet ride through the Arabian nights.

Now here is where the breeze of soaring above a whole new world whips poor old Rosie’s clothes from her and she’s left attempting to cover her modesty. Unfortunately all she succeeds in doing is highlighting her ample cleavage, which lures back the angelic looking David for another glance at her charms. The ad then skips to a now bunches-wearing Rosie as she emerges from a Narnia-like forest and skips along the yellow brick road. David’s back, but he’s now the scarecrow, and she has a couple of friends to fill in for the cowardly lion and tin man, or woman in this case.

Upon reaching their destination, which looks suspiciously like Noel’s House Party, the Wizard is finally revealed. Thankfully it’s not Mr Edmonds with his strange coloured stubble, but Helena Bonham Carter and she’s looking resplendent in her green hue. After clicking her ruby heels, Rosie emerges from a little tent thing, and back comes Helena with, well let’s call him Toto for the fun of it. Cue Magic and Sparkle tag.

What do you think? Is this a classic in the making? Will this be a worthy rival to the normally grandiose John Lewis offering and more to the point, has it been released too soon?

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