American Horror Story returns this October

American Horror Story is to return to our screens this October with an enigmatic third season
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]orror anthology FX series American Horror Story makes its return to our screens on October 9th with the third installment, Coven.
Directed and produced by Glee creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, this series takes us to present day New Orleans and unsurprisingly it is all about witches, voodoo and witchcraft. The American Horror Story series debuted in 2011 as a haunted house tale starring Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott and even won Tootsie actress Jessica Lange an Emmy for her portrayal of their nosy neighbour Constance Langdon. Meanwhile Asylum, the second series, was set in a mental institution during the 1960s and was a battle of science, religion, good and evil.
Murphy and Falchuk took great pleasure in hiding clues throughout Asylum hinting at the setting of the third series, whilst mega fans of the show have been left guessing as to whether AHS regulars Lange, Evan PetersSarah Paulson and Lily Rabe will be returning for Coven.
However, fans needn’t wait anymore as all the teasers are now available on the Coven Facebook page. American Horror Story has grown quite a reputation for its grisly story lines, dark characters and the trail of Easter eggs left for horror fans, which explains why such a buzz has arisen regarding the teaser trailers for Coven.
Several enigmatic shorts have made their way onto the net over the past few weeks, and have had many speculating  over the twists and turns that make AHS such a great series. A short 30 second video depicting a whitewashed house with mysterious women in black levitating on the walls is among the tantalising and spooky clips.
However, this week the full cast were finally revealed in a clip which sees Taissa Farmiga – who appeared as the troubled teenage daughter Violet in the first series – leading a group of what appear to be young witches up to a  large grand house where they are greeted by Sarah Paulson and watched from a window by a shadowy Evan Peters.
The three main characters of the series are then revealed as American Horror Story veteran Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Basset, though their character backgrounds are still just rumours and throwaway interview comments shared on the internet. Allegedly, the storyline flicks between the deep south during the period of slavery, the Salem Witch trials and modern day New Orleans, so Coven is likely to be both a thrilling and chilling watch.
American Horror Story Coven will be shown on FX from October 9th, and we will be doing an episode-by-episode review when it starts! Quite frankly, we can’t wait!
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