BBC Releases Teaser Trailer for Autumn 2013

New teaser trailer for the BBC’s 2013 autumn drama demonstrates a European influence and promises excitement, emotion and elements of danger

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o coincide with television viewers bidding farewell to the summer the BBC has released a teaser trailer compiling sneak previews of what to expect from their autumn dramas. Viewers are treated to snippets of new dramas such as The Musketeers, as well as the much anticipated return of Sherlock. The BBC is certainly eager to ensure high ratings this autumn and they appear set to do so with a gripping minute and a half snapshot of what one can expect.

The immediate pace of the trailer drives forward the BBC’s continued intent to cement their reputation as the home of original and engrossing television and, from what one witnesses, this goal is to be achieved.

Momentary glimpses of new dramas such as The Escape Artist and The Great Train Robbery suggest that the BBC autumn schedule creates a neat composition of fresh and exciting drama supported by talented and versatile actors, David Tennant and Luke Evans to name but two.  It is evident that this balance between new writing and experienced acting will allow the new dramas to be enthralling. The BBC has smartly revealed just enough to ensure high autumn ratings, yet it keeps its cards close to its chest in only revealing small aspects of the showcased series so as not to give any games away at this early stage.

The atmosphere of the teaser trailer, whilst exciting and captivating, seems particularly dark and edgy. In this, one can recognise the influence of recent European dramas, especially Scandinavian crime such as The Killing. Viewers are told that the autumn schedule will consist of ‘Original British Drama’ but, given the unsettling and brooding tone of the trailer, it is debateable just how originally British these shows will be bearing in mind the concurrent success and potential influence of European melodrama. The BBC is certainly looking for influence in international television and is skilfully taking note and instilling its own dramatic vision to craft inspired viewing.

One drama takes the spotlight in this short preview however; Sherlock series three is ready and waiting. Having evidently escaped his apparent death, Sherlock Holmes promises that he and Watson shall partake in an exhilarating battle “against the rest of the world.” Just these brief words alone are enough to excite those fans awaiting the return of Benedict Cumberbatch and the continuation of Sherlock’s thrilling narrative. In a season of action, excitement and emotion Sherlock looks to be the stand out BBC autumn drama.

Audiences do not have to wait long to be treated to these television delights; the trailer has alerted keen eyes and ears and ensured high autumn viewing figures. It now remains for the BBC to live up to the great expectations and deliver a scintillating season of drama throughout autumn 2013.

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