Bodger and Badger Take Stand Against Cull

Nineties icons Bodger and Badger return in a YouTube video putting their case against the planned cull of British Badgers

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ver wondered if mashed potato could be an eco-warrior’s best friend? Cult kids’ TV favourites Bodger and Badger are back for a one-off YouTube special, to raise awareness of the UK’s proposed badger cull.

The four minute special was the brainchild of Simon Bodger, aka Andy Cunningham, the show’s creator. It was made in association with the charity Call For The Wild and their ‘Cure Not Kill’ campaign. The actor said: “When we heard this cull was really going to go ahead, Badger and I thought we ought to do something, because the case for culling just doesn’t add up.”

It’s very true that bovine TB, the disease carried by the badgers, is devastating farmers’ livelihoods, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a cull, of around 10,000 animals, is the answer; research says that it could make things even worse. A far better solution would be vaccination, as this would be a much more reliable, less horrific means of eradicating the problem. Cunningham himself speaks the words of wisdom, “It’s not too late. Let’s vaccinate.”

The video illustrates perfectly all that was good about the show – whose run came to an end in 1999 – whilst at the same time sending a poignant message. It begins with the duo announcing that they are off on holiday to Somerset, one of two counties at the heart of the matter, followed by Bodger reading out a letter from the government. Whilst they misinterpret the content, it becomes clear that this is anything but a laughing matter and that the cull ‘is no joke’.

Politics aside, it’s a welcome return for the pair. But for those who can’t help getting caught up in a wave of nostalgia, there is always the occasional repeat floating around, as well as the obligatory DVDs and internet clips. There are even mashed potato theme nights at universities across the land!

You can watch the video in all its gunge-tastic glory and add your support to the campaign at

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