CES boasts millions of square feet of tech, as well as thousands of products and exhibitors. How can one possibly take it all in during the short week CES is going on?

Well, you can’t. But The Verge is here to help.

They attended CES, like many other media outlets and YouTubers, and of course, they shot some footage of everything they saw. But this footage would inevitably turn in to tens to hundreds of videos, and who wants that (except for me….. )? So what they did was take footage that they shot at CES this past week and compiled 257 products into one, three-minute video. Yes, the products fly by, but that’s why the pause button was invented. (The pause button is also useful when you want to grab a quick snack or use the restroom mid-video.)

You can view the video at the top of this post. If you want more CES content, I’ll try to post some more. If you’d like some videos, The Verge has some great content on their YouTube channel.