Tech Review

Thu 16 Jun, 2016 @ 02:12 GMT


I love VRS. From the design, to the functionality, to its style, they just have it down. The Layered Dandy can be described as all this.

The Layered Dandy is a flip-wallet case that protects your iPhone very well from drops. The magnetic clasp that holds onto the front of the screen prevents your phone from receiving unnecessary scratches when not in use. The wallet itself has 3 slots for your credit cards (the Layered Dandy can easily fit 1-2 cards in each slot, giving you space for up to 6 cards total). The Layered Dandy also has a compartment located under the slots which can fit your paper bills with no problems.

While the case is open, you have complete access to the front of your iPhone, as well as the usual openings for the power and volume buttons, Lightning port, and auxiliary jack for headphones. The back Apple logo is exposed, as well as the camera and flash.

The style of this case is fashionably great; I envision using this case for a night out of town when I want to streamline my wallet and phone into one.

VRS has done it again with the Layered Dandy. The fusion of wallet/phone case works for those who would rather have the best of both worlds. The versatility of this case is what makes it attractive for those who want to keep their pockets light on objects.