OontZ Angle 3 XL

Manufacturer(s): Cambridge Soundworks

Dimensions: 11.5 x 4.2 x 4 inches

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Official Website: OontZ by Cambridge SoundWorks - Top Reviewed Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

INSANE volume, great sound, good build
Pricey when not on sale
Release Dates
Thu 22 Oct, 2015

Tech Review

OontZ is back at again with a bigger and better speaker than ever: the OontZ Angle 3 XL. The bigger brother to the standard OontZ Angle 3 packs a better build and better sound. Let’s take a look.

Included in the package is your DC charger, and an aux cord (around 5 or 6 feet in length). These are all quite nice in terms of durability, and I don’t think they’ll give out any time soon.

Also in the package, along with a few manuals and information, is the speaker itself. It’s about a foot wide, and dang is it built nicely. Each edge of the Angle has an aluminum face which really helps the speaker feel more premium. The sides have the bass output (subs? radiators? I’m not entirely sure, but they work!), covered in plastic-that-looks-like-metal. Along the top is a row of very clicky rubber buttons, a few LEDs, and a microphone. On the left of the buttons is the OontZ branding. The bottom of the speaker has some information and instructions painted on, as well as a port for the replaceable battery (in case you reach the maximum number of recharge cycles).

The back, bottom edge is where most of the connectivity is at. Secured under a nice feeling flap is your DC-in port, aux-in port, a USB-out charging port (for your phone or tablet, rated at 1 amp output), and a switch to toggle between indoor and outdoor mode (more on this later).

The feet on the bottom of the speaker are very nice – made of a soft rubber, these feet absorb vibrations from the speaker to keep it rock solid on the surface it’s resting on.

Connectivity, apart from the aux port, is achieved via Bluetooth. With great range and connection strength, the music won’t stop until you’re long gone.

This speaker is able to take phone calls due to the microphone built in. It’s a nice one at that, delivering consistently crisp audio to the person on the other end. Even at a fairly far distance away, it can pick up your voice quite nicely.

The battery lasts a very long time – I got about 5 days of off-and-on listening before it needed a charge. This is very good for a Bluetooth speaker, and I commend OontZ on this.

The Angle 3 XL delivers nice audio as well. Highs and mids are very crisp, and dang is that bass nice. The side subs/radiators give a nice sounding, not felt, bass. When you’re on a thumpin’ song, you can see them going wild while the speaker stands still due to the feet.

Volume on this speaker? EXTREME. Rated at around 100 decibels from what I’ve seen, it’s almost TOO loud sometimes. It’d be great for a party or the outdoors, where volume is needed, but I would feel bad for the people right next to it. One of the nicer things about this volume is it doesn’t distort the audio one bit, even when maxed out. Overall the sound is absolutely awesome.

Now, on to the indoor/outdoor mode I mentioned earlier. “OontZ Wireless Dual Pairing Technology” enables two of these speakers to wirelessly pair for stereo sound. One speaker takes on one channel of audio, and vice versa. This is where outdoor mode would be handy for that party. Indoor mode makes each speaker in this mode play both channels of audio at once, for more of a unidirectional sound, of sorts. Don’t want to risk outdoors? It’s water resistant, so chill out!

“Can you charge your speaker while playing music?” Yes, you sure can. Be it aux or Bluetooth, the speaker keeps on going.

The two things that would’ve been nice to see in this speaker are NFC pairing and a faster charging USB port. 1 amp is quite slow, especially for modern phones, so it does disappoint in this respect. I understand you don’t want to use it unless you have to as it depletes the speaker’s possible playing time, but still. NFC pairing enables a really quick get-up-and-go, which is missed with this Angle 3 XL.

To wrap things up, this speaker is a great one, if you have the money for it. Its retail price is $250 which seems a bit steep, but it’s on an Amazon sale for $129.99 at the time of this writing. At the $129.99 price, it’s an awesome option for a more mid-range Bluetooth speaker. It has tons of options and a great build. The sound is nice and present while remaining crisp and loud. I’d have to recommend it to anybody.

Let me know below if there’s any other Bluetooth speaker YOU think I’d like to check out, and make sure to pick up this one here on Amazon.

Thanks to OontZ for sending me the Angle 3 XL to review!

Build - 10
Sound - 10
Value - 8
Price - 6
Features - 8.5
Total Score