Manufacturer(s): Keep Pursuing (KP)

Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 14 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Official Website: KP> Outfitters of the Modern Adventurer

Super cool design, very functional, sturdy, versatile, stylish
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Tech Review

The quest for the ultimate EDC bag is one that seems to never end. Is it possible that KP (Keep Pursuing) could’ve solved the problem? In my experience, it’s a resounding yes.

It’s entirely possible you’ve never heard of KP before, but once you do you’ll be buying from them for life. Their products are really cool. Besides the KP Sling bag I’ll be reviewing here today, they make a paracord USB bracelet, a duffle bag (in crowdfunding now), and a multifunction pen (also not yet released). I’ll be getting a Duffle and MultiPen in about two months that’ll be reviewed on here, but let’s start with the most versatile product now: the Sling.

The KP Sling bag is made of tons of high-quality, durable, and stylish material. With a strap made of seatbelt grade material, metal clasps, and ripstop nylon interior lining, the bag’s sturdiness is really reinforced. There’s a patch of vegan leather bearing the KP branding. It’s not too prominent, which I like. The bag’s quality is also very apparent, since you can see the stitching very easily. I think it gives the bag a nice rugged look.

Appearance is also not sacrificed. I was sent the khaki/sky blue Sling. The interior sky blue really is a great complement to the somewhat neutral exterior. Black zippers and straps help to make the bag sharp.

In the event you find the bag bumping around on your back too much while walking (it is a single-strap sling bag, after all), KP includes a second, just-as-durable strap. This strap goes around your waist and clips to the metal loops on the bag. This way the bag has nowhere to move unless you’re purposely moving it.

Speaking of straps, the shoulder strap has a nice adjustment system (also metal), with a gel-like pad for your shoulder. Even when loaded with a lot of stuff, the bag has never gotten uncomfortable for me in my testing over the past few months.

There’s an abundance of pockets inside. The main pouch sports tons of mesh pockets on the side, with a spot for a phone or wallet on the top. The best part? There’s a secret pocket in a really well thought out location. Against your back is a zipped pocket. If you open it up and go way under the seam, you’ll find a velcroed shut spot for valuables. Trust me, if you don’t know it’s there you won’t be finding it anytime soon. On the rear is a spacious pocket for a t-shirt, for example, as well.

This bag would be great as a tech bag. If you’re going out for the day or to a convention, it’s the perfect size to store a tablet or phone with some snacks, drinks, and a battery pack. That’ll likely be my primary use going forward, and it has been thus far. The security features in the bag help me feel better about using it in this way. Each zipper pull has a corresponding loop next to it when closed. Sliding the zipper pull through the loop locks the zippers in place in case some sneaky hands decided to yank the pocket open.

As an EDC bag I feel this bag would hold up extremely well to that also. It’s a great size for things you’ll need when out and about. The phone pocket is a perfect size for my very chunky wallet and it leaves plenty of room for other things.

For the outdoors, the Sling is also a great choice. It’s durable and water resistant meaning it’ll hold up to most anything. My primary outdoor use has been and will be for hiking. Our family visits tons of national parks each summer, and being in the Redwood Forest in California will be a great chance for this bag to prove its usefulness (if I remember correctly, it’s sort of a rainy area). We’re going to the deserts of Utah as well, letting this bag show off how resistant to dust and dirt it is, while withstanding harsh abrasion against sandstone. I expect it to hold just about everything I’ll need, as we’re not backpackers or anything.

Overall this is a really nice bag. For $65 and in a ton of colors, it’s a great option. Pick one up for yourself here and let me know what you think of the Sling down below!


Thanks to Bryan at KP for sending me this bag to review!

Price - 10
Design - 10
Durability - 10
Features - 10
Value - 10
Total Score