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Tech Review

When on the go, you’ll often need a charge in your device at a moment’s notice. This isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. Either you’ll forget your cable at home, or it’ll end up being tangled and unusable. Luckily, the folks at inCharge have a really cool solution for the problem.

By designing small cables that magnetically clip over your keyring, inCharge enables your device to be charging and syncing at a moment’s notice. It’s pretty stylish, too, coming in tons of colors for your iOS and Android devices.

Build quality is surprising considering these are just little tiny cables. The ends are plastic while the cable itself is a super thick, flat rubber. One end has your device’s connector, and the other has the USB plug. The USB plug is unshielded, meaning it’s smaller yet also a bit less protected from damage. Both the Lightning and the micro USB ends feel extremely durable and work well. Some micro USB cables tend to eventually wear themselves down, causing the prongs under the cable to stay depressed and not hold itself in the device. That hasn’t been an issue in my use of the inCharge, even after a few months.

The name of the product is a great hint to the product itself – it’s about an “inCh” of cable used for charging. Primarily, charging on the go. You don’t want to be carrying a nest of cables around with you, so these relieve the stress both on your pockets and of remembering to bring cables. You literally just magnet them onto your keychain and they’re there at a moment’s notice when needed.

Data transfer speeds are quick, I’ve honestly thought that sometimes it’s a bit faster than with normal cables. Is it due to the length being drastically less? I have no clue, but it works. Charging speed is unchanged compared to a normal cable.

The best use for the inCharge in my opinion is to clip it on a battery pack.┬áNormally when using a battery pack, the cable is WAY too long and just gets in the way. However, with the inCharge, it’s the perfect length to fold your phone over the battery pack, sort of like it’s a battery case. It’s also pretty handy when plugged into a laptop since it too stays out of the way and just works.

Note that you won’t be able to plug the inCharge into a wall adapter without looking like a fool (your phone will be precariously dangling out of the plug), and without risking damage to your device. Trust me: a few inches of cable isn’t near enough to rest your device on a floor or table from an outlet.

If you’re worried about the inCharge fitting your phone, you’re totally covered. There’s a thin version (10mm wide) and a normal version (12mm wide) to fit through any hole.

You can snag a brand new inCharge for yourself for $12 each. I’m going to simply type the URL here since it’s a really cool address:

It’s not a lie, either. inCharge truly does rock, and I’d recommend you get a few.

Thanks to inCharge for sending me a few cables to review!

Price - 10
Durability - 10
Practicality - 10
Value - 10
Total Score