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Review: Otterbox Defender iPhone Case

Otterbox is characterized by many as the top brand for phone cases. I decided to check it out for myself. Let's just say I was extremely satisfied!

With a retail price set at $50, this phone case is definitely within your price range. They aren’t overpriced, but moderately priced items. The Defender gives you more than what you pay for!

Otterbox has always done an amazing job with the packaging for their products. It doesn’t matter to most, but it can catch your eye when you see it. Beginning with opening the package, you will find your case and a phone case clip (if you like to keep your phone on your belt for easier access).

The protection is the most important part when looking for a phone case. The Defender is top of the line when it comes to protecting your phone. It offers multiple layers of protection readying your phone for havoc. Dust can collect within the layers, so you may need to remove the case and clean the dust off periodically. The dust will not hurt the phone, but can be distracting for some people.

The case provides small flaps to cover the charging port and headphone jack. Thus, the case may require a more thin-ended charger, otherwise it may not be able to plug in. This is not as much of a problem for the headphone jack (unless using right angle cords).

Cutouts for the speakers are installed into the case allowing for maximum sound, but still protecting the phone. The sound is deafened a little, so you may need to have the sound up louder than you normally would.

The case adds quite a bit of width to the phone, which some may consider to be to bulky to carry in their pocket. I personally have not had a problem carrying it in may pocket. I have dropped it when removing from a pocket, but the case suffered no scratches or damage. The same goes for the phone – flawless.

In summary, you can feel confident when spending $50 on this phone case. It protects the phone extremely well and the pros clearly outweigh the cons.


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