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I’d like to start off this review by noting something: up until this point, I had never used or owned a glass screen protector before on my own devices. I knew that they were the best option, but I never fully understood why. Now, that’s all changed. Thanks a ton to Tylt for sending me the ALIN Glass Screen Protector for the Galaxy S6 for my review!

Among all other screen protectors I have experience with installing, this was BY FAR the easiest. Tylt includes two tabs, one on each end of the screen protector. These are used to more easily guide the glass onto your screen. And guide they did! This ALIN screen protector achieved the most precise fit I have ever accomplished, being perfectly straight and lined up on the first try. Once you get it all straightened out, the tabs simply peel off with the plastic shipping film.

Bubble-free installation was also no problem. With the inclusion of a microfiber cleaning cloth I was able to remove all dust from the device. Thanks to the aforementioned easy lining up of the protector, it dropped in no problem right where I was planning. Once it laid itself down, I used the included plastic card to smooth it out a bit more, further enhancing the perfect fit.

Looking at it now, there are honestly NO bubbles, there is NO scratching, and it is NOT peeling up or cracking ANYWHERE. This all is true despite me having had this installed for about a month or two now.

I’ve dropped my phone quite a few times (with a case on, of course), but this screen protector is no worse for the wear. I cannot begin to tell you exactly how flawless it looks. I realize that over time it should eventually show wear, but as of now the Japanese Asahi glass looks brand new.

One of the nicer details to the ALIN is how it features a slightly rounded edge on all sides. This makes it feel a lot less noticeable when your finger is swiping around. It’s also especially nice when sliding your finger down to the home button to, well, go home. Not only is it a great feel, but the edge’s curve increases durability. Having an edge such as the one on the ALIN means that chipping of the glass is a lot less likely.

At this time I’ve noticed no issues with cases and their installation on the device. It is a bit thick, so some of the more precision cases (metal or wood, for example) might have trouble getting a good fit.

Another thing I’m not noticing is lines or dots on the screen protector. I’m not completely sure what they are, but some screen protectors have them. This screen protector is the most clear I’ve ever used. It doesn’t hinder colors, brightness, or touch sensitivity one bit.

When it comes time to remove this screen protector, I have no idea how that will go. It doesn’t flex like a plastic screen protector, or peel like one. If or when I do remove it, I will keep you posted.

I’ve probably got you thinking about a glass screen protector now, but I haven’t touched on the main point as to why one is a great option. That point is one I haven’t had to deal with yet, thankfully: shattering of the glass. If you happen to drop your phone in a situation which would normally shatter the screen, you won’t. The glass of the screen protector will take the impact and shatter instead. Yes, you’ll be out your money, but that’s far better than being out hundreds of dollars for a new screen. The Tylt ALIN Glass is even cheaper than DIY screen replacement options from places such as iFixit.

Wrapping things up, this is hands-down the best screen protector I have ever used, and I think the same might apply to you as well. If you’re interested, you can pick up one for yourself at this link.

Let me know below if you might be picking one up for yourself. Also, tell me if there’s anything else you’d like to see me review as I’m always looking for suggestions!

Thanks again for Tylt for sending me this ALIN Glass Screen Protector for the Galaxy S6 to review!

Price - 9.5
Durability - 10
Ease of Installation - 10
Value - 10
Functionality - 10
Total Score