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The Galaxy S6 is, as I previously mentioned, is a very fragile device. What better way to protect it than to get a few of Poetic’s best cases in house, slap ’em on, and see how they work for me? That’s exactly what I did. I also happen to have an iPhone 6s in house and Poetic sent me a case for it as well. Thanks a ton to Poetic for sending me the Revolution (S6) and Affinity (S6 and 6s) to review!

Let’s start off with the more simple case: the Affinity. Retailing for $19.95 on Poetic’s website, it’s one of my favorite cases yet. For both devices it sports a very minimalistic design that lets the back of the phone show through. The back of the case is glossy and clear on the iPhone, and matte and clear on the Galaxy. Both cases have accents, black on the iPhone and gray on the Galaxy. The sides of the S6 case let the metal of the device show through, and the case is similar for the iPhone. It lets more of the device show through on the sides, however. On the iPhone there are holes drilled for the speaker which fit in with the phone even more. The overall accuracy of the case for both devices is very surprising and satisfies me very much.

I was able to fit all headphones I own as well as all charging cables I own while having the cases installed.

One thing that I was more than a little irritated with was the buttons. They were very hard to press and I often found myself completely turning the phone only so I could adjust the volume easily. Buttons on this case were not raised very high on the S6, but on the 6s they are easily located.

I’ll admit it: I accidentally dropped my S6 while in the Affinity case. I stress “accidentally” because I didn’t stage this test to make the phone survive, I didn’t try to make the phone not break. It got stuck on the way out of my pocket due to one bad thing about this case: the corners are stuck out a bit for drop protection, but they often caught the edge of my pocket on the way out.

It was chilly outside when I dropped my phone, so I just wanted the darn thing in my hand and back in the pocket again ASAP.

It fell to the ground, I freaked out. After a bit of bouncing around (quite entertaining to see your $600+ device bouncing on concrete), I picked it up to find absolutely no damage. Not a scuff or chip in sight on the device. The case was even in flawless condition yet.

For that sole reason, the Affinity case is now the one I recommend to family and friends. The iPhone hasn’t dropped or fallen yet. Although I trust the case completely, I still don’t want to risk anything.

The Poetic case that I trust even more is the Revolution (S6). Due to the larger size and screen protector integration (I have a glass protector already installed), I go for the Affinity. But without my screen protector, the Revolution would be my recommendation.

It’s one of the “survive it all” cases, sporting flaps over the ports as well as an integrated screen protector. The case is extremely sturdy and actually feels very nice. Once I installed the phone, I was quite happy. But the bigger surprise came when I turned it on: those buttons! They’re possibly the most tactile I’ve ever felt in a case. I don’t know how Poetic does it through this thick case, but props to them.

While I wouldn’t purposely drop it, I would trust this case. The screen protector leaves a hole for your home button so that the fingerprint sensor can still function properly.

In summary, Poetic hits it out of the park again with three cases I’d be proud to use on a day to day bases. Out of the options above, the Revolution was my favorite. However, if you’re looking for light protection which doesn’t hide the device too much, the Affinity will be right up your alley.

Check out the video at the top of this post for a hands-on with the S6 cases.

Comment below what case is your favorite and maybe I’ll check it out!

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Interested in either of these cases? Buy the Affinity here (S6) and here (6s), and buy the Revolution here. For more cases by Poetic visit their website.

Huge thanks to Poetic for sending me these cases to review!