Moto 360 Silicone Watch Band

Manufacturer(s): Tylt

Operating System(s): none

Official Website: Tylt (Home Page)

Feels great, looks good, easy to use
Coating wears off over time

Tech Review

Don’t get me wrong: the stock watch band on the Moto 360 is amazing. It’s super comfortable, durable, and looks stunning. But there’s one problem with it: it’s made of leather. And as you may know, leather does not cope well with moisture.

This is an obvious problem for athletes (sweat) or people who shower with their watch on (not technically recommended, but hey, it’s up to you!). The leather will become stiff, brittle, and will shrink if exposed to enough moisture.

For this reason I decided to search for a better option. And trust me, I didn’t expect to find any option as attractive and easy to use as Tylt’s.

Tylt is a company who specializes in mobile accessories. They’ve been one of my favorite companies in terms of aesthetics and functionality for quite some time. This qualified them to be one of the first places I looked. And look I did! Thanks to their easy to navigate site I found the one and only band they made – the silicone band for the Moto 360. This band is certified by Motorola to work great (and safely) with their device, making it an even better option than some sh*t you might find on eBay.

First off, I’d like to point out that the color Tylt sent me just might be discontinued. On the product page (linked at the end of this article) it only shows four colors (none of which are the olive green I received).

The unboxing was quite simple and within minutes I was ready to install the band. Thanks to the tool they included the old band popped right off and the new one slid right in. It was a lot easier than what I had read up on. Putting the band on was easy, too. It’s a standard watch band (pin-in-the-hole clasp, I guess…?), but the keep is something I’ve never seen before. Instead of threading the band through a loop and inevitably having it fall out countless times per day, the end of the band clips into itself (the video above demonstrates this quite nicely). This feature brings a more streamlined look to the watch, makes it more comfortable to wear, and takes the worry out of having the watch slip off your wrist.

At first I wasn’t super crazy about the olive green, but when I realized that the stainless steel accents matched the silver body of my watch perfectly I was a believer again. The band has a very nice ripple texture to it, and the silicone has a great feeling soft touch coating. This coating did indeed start to wear off after about 3 weeks into my month of testing the band. I was obviously disappointed, however, it happened on the underside of the band where it would rest on a table when you set your arm down.

The real determining factor in buying a watch band is comfort. Who wants to look stunning but suffer through the discomfort of having that look every day?

This offering from Tylt smashes my expectations. Yes, silicone is technically like rubber, but it doesn’t feel a bit uncomfortable. Often I forgot it was on my wrist (admittedly, this happens with pretty much any watch as I’m a watch wearer anyways). Comparing to the leather band, the leather wasn’t as comfortable as the Tylt band (barely less so!) for only one reason: there is a sharp thread coming out of the keep and digging into my wrist. If this wasn’t so, I’d give them each a point for comfort, neither can be noticed by me after a day of use.

Compared to the leather band, the Tylt band is far easier to take off and put on. Instead of bending the band at a 180º angle and inserting it into the attached keep on the leather band, then threading it through yet another “mobile” keep, the silicone band goes through the pin-in-hole clasp and clips to itself a few inches later. I’d say it takes me half the time to put on and take off the new band when compared to the leather band. This is only a second or two difference, but depending on how busy you are this could be a big deal.

Overall, I’d have to give the win to the Tylt band over the Motorola leather band. Its ease of use and seemingly better quality makes me trust and like it more. Again, Motorola’s band is a great option and I’d recommend sticking with it if you don’t plan on it ever getting wet, but if you’re an active person Tylt’s band is probably the best option for you.

Let me know down below what your favorite band is for your smartwatch, and be sure to check out the video at the top of the post or linked below for my TechSession review!

Tylt Product Page: Click Here

Amazon Product Page: Click Here

Review Video: Click Here

Comfort - 9
Style - 8
Ease of Use - 10
Price - 10
Total Score