IEHP | Solid Wood In-Ear Headphones

Manufacturer(s): Grain Audio

Official Website: Grain Audio

Look VERY nice, sounds great, tons of bass, feels durable
Buttons on the remote are hard to press and locate

Tech Review

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. These things blew me away from the time I looked at them to the time I took them out of my ears and put them in their case at night.

What are “these things”? The Grain Audio IEHP.01 in-ear headphones.

Quite possibly the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever tried, and that’s including Bose and Sennheiser tests I’ve done.

Why am I so bold to make that claim? The price for this sound is absolutely insane. Under $100 for pure awesomeness.

Coming in at just $99, these are not the cheapest earbuds at all, but taking into account their pros and cons, it’s not a bad price. I would personally pay full price for these.

Don’t forget the looks, either.

THESE are the looks I'm talking about. Come on, can you possibly NOT like this?
THESE are the looks I’m talking about. Come on, can you possibly NOT like this?

With a body made of genuine FSC-certified hand-oiled walnut wood and soft silicone, not only will these last you a long time, but they’ll draw looks for miles around. I saw them online and was impressed, but when I picked them up and actually touched them, well, I found out that they speak for themselves. Grain Audio nailed the looks and feel of these earbuds.

The earbuds each are a slightly different “shade of wood”, so to speak. One is darker than the other which some people may hate, but I think adds to the character and uniqueness of these earbuds.

The silicone is gray, which compliments the wood nicely. It also helps the earbuds feel great while being worn. It extends down from the body a bit, in order to protect the cord from kinks, fraying and damage. You can only order these earbuds in gray.

According to various reviewers and Grain Audio themselves, the wood body improves acoustics. This proved to be true in my testing.

They had a fairly even sound, until you get to the bass. The bass is both heard and felt, which I absolutely adore in headphones, let alone earbuds. The bass does not take away from the mids or highs either. They still sound clear and present. I’d say that the wood body actually does help. Plastic or metal earbuds, by comparison, sound more harsh, while these sounded warm and natural. In general, this sound should please most anyone. I do feel that it is more optimized for modern music and rap, but even with other songs, I found them to sound just fine.

The packaging looked very clean and matched the IEHPs perfectly. It reminded me ever so slightly of the packaging on a GoPro. What you got was a plastic cube over the earbuds. Pull it off and slide off the recyclable paper covering, and you can pull out the manual, sticker, mini-catalogue, extra ear tips and regulatory information. I always like getting branded stickers with stuff I order, so that made me happy . I pulled out the earbuds, and out popped the carrying pouch.

As for the pouch, it was made of a thick cloth, for lack of a better word. It seems like it’ll hold up well over time. For the month or so I’ve been testing the IEHPs, it looks like new. It has a very unique, pleasant way to open and close, too. It has a metal strip at the seam on each side that holds the pouch shut, but pops it open when you’re ready. The way I figured out how to open it was to squeeze the outside corners towards each other so it pops open, but, of course you can pull it open manually as well.

For the most part, these earbuds should please most anyone, especially bass lovers. You can always mess with your equalizer settings if there’s too much for you.

You can snag these earbuds from Grain Audio for $99.

Leave a comment letting me know what you think about these, and if you think they’re absolutely insane like I do.

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Have a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and thanks to Grain Audio for sending these out to me to review!

Price - 9.5
Sound - 9.5
Looks - 10
Construction - 10
Total Score