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More case goodness is happening in this article, with another LG G Pad 7.0 case review. This one, like the Turtle Skin, is by Poetic. I was pleased with the Turtle Skin overall but knew Poetic could do better. Thus, I checked out the Revolution.

If you’re even a little bit familiar with cases, you’ll probably be familiar with Griffin’s Survivor line of cases, or any case from LifeProof. This is pretty much Poetic’s alternative. The main thing that struck me was how thin it is for offering that much protection.

This case, like the Turtle Skin, shipped quickly. It was packaged slightly differently, however. While the Turtle Skin had a cardboard sleeve, so to speak, the Revolution had a full-on box. I popped it open and found a cardboard mock up of the tablet inside the case, as well as installation instructions.

Speaking of installation, I found this case to be the most difficult to install that I’ve ever come across. I tried to follow their instructions but I ended up prying in the wrong spot. After about an honest ten minutes, I got it open. I placed the G Pad in the screen protector, after peeling off the plastic film (not mentioned in the manual, make sure you do this!). Then I forced the tablet into the back of the case.

I plan on getting a micro SD card for my tablet, and I’m really afraid that I won’t be able to get my tablet out to install it.

(Hopefully this means it’ll really protect it!)

Moving on from those initial difficulties, the case itself looked pretty nice. It has a plastic back with a TPU rubber edging along the sides. It has port covers for everything except the camera and the microphone. The bad thing about these port covers? Since they’re plasticky rubber, they tend to not close all the way when you’ve had something plugged in, or had them open.

Pushing the buttons was a slight issue. You can’t really feel for them, so I sometimes ended up putting the tablet to sleep when I wanted to change the volume. If you want to accurately hit a button, you should look first.

The camera was recessed just enough to protect it on both the front and the back.

The thing I was most pleased about was the integrated screen protector. It did admittedly have a rainbow effect when the screen was off, but when turned on it was not an issue. Why did I like it so much? There was an extremely, non-noticeable gap between it and the display itself. It felt like I was just using the screen itself.

I had slight problems with the microphone, when using Google Now, it took longer to detect sound and misinterpreted words more often.

The speaker works perfectly fine with the Revolution installed. Again, only one actually plays sound, so they could’ve just covered up the aesthetic one for more protection.

My slew of right angle headphone jacks worked fine. The micro USB port was adequate size for every cord I tried.

If you’re looking for a case at a good price with great protection and awesome looks, this is the one for you.

The Revolution retails for $30, and comes in both black and white. Check the review video above (currently unavailable), and check out Poetic’s website. If you want to buy the Revolution, you can do so here.

Leave a comment letting me know what you think about this case. Stay tuned for a Grain Audio review, trust me, it’s cool.


UPDATE: I’ve dropped my tablet from a reasonable height a few times now and it’s held up nicely. No damage to the case or tablet. 

Slim design, looks great, protects the tablet perfectly
Hard to install, port covers tend to not close after use
Looks - 10
Protection - 9.5
Ease of Installation - 5
Value/Price - 10
Total Score