Turtle Skin

Manufacturer(s): Poetic

Official Website: Poetic Cases

Offers lots of protection, looks nice, all functions accessible
A little bulky

Tech Review

With my recent purchase of an LG G Pad 7.0, I wanted some protection to keep it lasting a long time. Namely, some good looking yet durable protection. After a few weeks of searching for the perfect case, I came across Poetic.  They seemed to have great cases for the money, they looked good, and seemed to offer quite a bit of protection.

So, I contacted a very friendly, helpful representative with Poetic and got ahold of two review unit cases. The Turtle Skin came first, and the Revolution was out of stock at the moment. This review will focus on the Turtle Skin, and the Revolution will be gone over in the next article.

After a quick few days of waiting, the Turtle Skin showed up at my door. I sliced open the bubble wrapped envelope, pulled the case out of the sleeve and slipped it right on. It’s a silicone case, so it could bend and stretch any way I needed it to in order to install it. I put it on and instantly could tell that this case would protect against any amount of drops, tumbles and tosses.

The Turtle Skin does leave the screen unprotected, but it has a large bumper on the edges that extends about a half inch above and below the tablet, which will protect the tablet whether you lay it face up or face down. The silicone makeup of the case is not the most grippy, but the bumpers on the sides give you something to grab. People have complained that the Turtle Skin attracts dust, but I did not find that to be an issue.

There are raised lines inside the case’s back, which give the case an odd feel while holding it. They also make smudgy lines on the back of the tablet, which is not an issue (to me).

The rear facing camera has an adequate cutout, as do the micro USB port and the headphone jack. I was able to fit multiple cords into the port, and the rear camera worked fine. As for the front camera, it’s not covered. The case shields the back and sides, but nowhere on the face of the device. Since the G Pad has onscreen buttons, the bottom bezel was not an issue either. The headphone jack even accepted right angle plugs, which are on most headphones that I own. It is slightly deep, but it surprisingly fit. The speaker cutouts were spot on as well.

The buttons were easily accessible, and easy to press.

Overall, this case is a great case. If you don’t happen to have an LG G Pad, it comes in many different kinds for many different devices, both iOS and Android. Check out their TurtleSkin page for more information.

You can pick this case up for $20 at Poetic’s site, or for $20 at Amazon. Amazon has multiple colors, as does Poetic. I received the black one and was pleased.

For more on this case, see my review video at the top of this post. (currently unavailable)

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Up next: the second case by Poetic for the LG G Pad…

Looks - 8.5
Protection - 9
Ease of Installation - 10
Value/Price - 9.5
Total Score